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Tommy Nylander

Neutron scattering to help with study of cell membranes

At one time, the cell membrane was thought of as something like a building block made of lipids. Suzan Mazur interviews Swedish physical chemist Tommy Nylander about the study of living cells through neutron scattering (to avoid contamination, the Swedes do the studies without nuclear power or mercury) at Oscillations: Tommy Nylander:I’m very interested in different structures that can occur in living cells. In particular, structures generated by lipids, or fats, if you want. Previously lipids were considered as only a building block with no or very minute function. Merely a support. Suzan Mazur: Cell membranes are made of lipids. Tommy Nylander: Yes. Today it’s realized that lipids can perform various functions that can be very important for cell maintenance Read More ›