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University of Austin

Bari Weiss addresses the University of Austin about the need for new “Founders” for the United States

Weiss: Free speech also means refusing compelled speech. It means refusing to speak untruths, either about yourself or anyone else, no matter the comfort offered by the mob. So do not genially accept the lies told to you. Read More ›

New university in Texas, aiming to restore scholarly debate, surviving so far

From a university trying out intellectual freedom: "The disarming power of culture was palpable. Students who had learned to hold their tongues in college classrooms poured forth their souls once the cork of wariness was unstopped. " Read More ›

At Mind Matters News: Historian supports new anti-Cancel Culture university

At COSM 2021, he noted that proposed faculty had spent the last 48 hours dealing with a tidal wave of Twitter hate. So, he said, they are over the target… Read More ›