Intelligent Design

“Creating first synthetic life form”

Question: When Venter and Co. create the first synthetic life form, will it have been by intelligent design? Follow-up question: Will they do it from scratch, i.e., from non-biosynthesized materials as had to have happened when life originated, or by generously helping themselves to enzymes and a host of other biosynthesized materials? Creating first synthetic […]

Darwinism Evolution

When Will Sci-Fi Push Evolution’s Envelope?

[From an acquaintance:] “Sci-Fi authors have no problem pushing the envelope on physics, chemistry, astrophysics, cosmology, planetology, genetics, nanotech, biotech, neurotechnology, information technology, longevity, robotics, xenology etc. They regularly eat Einstein, or the speed-of-light barrier, for breakfast. But one staple of modern science is consistently taken for granted, never questioned, never paradigm shifted, pushed beyond […]

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High-Speed Microscopic Engine Found

I reported on this fascinating bit of nanotechnology earlier (go here). Here’s another article on it. High-Speed Microscopic Engine Found By Ker Than LiveScience In 1702, the famous Dutch scientist Anton van Leeuwenhoek made an interesting discovery while gazing at some pond water through a hand-made microscope: He observed a bell-shaped organism that used a […]