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[Off Topic] Spore If you ever felt the need to play the role of the Intelligent Designer here is the game for you! I think Spore could be more aptly titled “Intelligent Design: The Game”. After all, notice in the presentation that evolution is always via design by the player and not a mechanism like the modern […]

Intelligent Design

The Truth in Science Initiative

“CARSON CITY — Longtime Las Vegan Steve Brown does not oppose the teaching of evolutionary theory in the public schools. Nor does he support teaching alternative views such as intelligent design or creationism. But Brown, a masonry contractor who has lived in Las Vegas for more than 30 years, does want the schools to teach […]

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A Chimp’s Loss is Our Gain? Researchers who speculate about human origins have come up with three main scenarios for how we ended up with our unique traits, Zhang said. The first possibility is that we acquired completely new genes that other apes don’t have. Another is that some of our genes have taken on different functions through mutation. It’s […]

Intelligent Design


Turning nature’s design into scientific breakthrough By Stefanie Olsen Staff Writer, CNET Published: March 1, 2006, 4:00 AM PST . . . Pax’s projects also take a cue from a design theory called biomimicry, coined by Janine Benyus, who wrote a seminal book on the subject in 1997. Biomimicry argues that nature uses only […]