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Darwin’s Nemesis printed!

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The Phil Johnson Festschrift volume titled Darwin’s Nemesis has now left the printers, and I hold in my hand a copy that InterVarsity just sent to me. It looks good and will, I trust, help move the ball forward. It should be available from Amazon shortly.

Darwin's Nemesis

Congratulations! (Note: Actually, the 's is okay grammar for plural acronyms and letters, according to some of the more recent grammar books.) Gandalf
Phillip Johnson has had a great influence on my thinking. He has a very rare talent for cutting through fluff, preconceived assumptions, rhetorical ploys, and diversionary tactics to get at the real issue, which is truth. Good attorneys are trained to recognize fluff, preconceived assumptions, rhetorical ploys and diversionary tactics in the arguments of their opponents. Thus, when Phil started reading the Neo-Darwinian literature, his attorney-trained BS detector lit up like the Fourth of July on steroids. Phil has other wonderful qualities. He is very personable and extraordinarily articulate. GilDodgen
You may want to alert your publisher to the glaring typo in the biography -- the plural of Ph.D. is not Ph.D.'s. efst
Looks good! Can't wait to pick it up! Ochuk

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