Intelligent Design

Predictability of Evolution

We often hear the ridiculous assertion that the theory of evolution is as well tested as the theory of gravity. The theory of gravity can predict precisely where the planets will be a million years from now. What can the theory of evolution predict a million years into the future? Essentially, ToE predicts nothing. It […]

Intelligent Design

Bad Design Equals No Design: A Perfect Example of Self-Refuting Argumentation

Check out this essay by Jack Woodall in The Scientist: Intelligent Design: The Clincher — A butterfly explodes the theory Follow Woodall’s argumentation to its inevitable implications: If I were the perfect designer I would invent a perfect world in which nothing could possibly ever go wrong or present any challenges or adversity. But then […]

Intelligent Design

Global Warming’s Rising Sea-Levels Threaten to Drown Science Itself

Here’s a portion of a letter sent by Sens. Jay Rockefeller and Olympia Snowe to the CEO of ExxonMobil. To me, at least, it is becoming increasingly apparent that science as a discipline has lost that essential quality which made science’s authority seem impregnible: objectivity. We increasingly live in a world where everything, including science […]

Off Topic

[Off Topic:] My Day Job

Some internet gossip is going around suggesting that I am about to start a “new job.” My job, and one I intend to keep for a long time, is as Research Professor in Philosophy at Southwestern Seminary. This is where I teach and this is where I derive my salary and benefits. I very much […]

Intelligent Design

Intelligent design and popular culture: Uncool film wins in Toronto

Of a recent indie anti-abortion film, Robert Novak writes, “Bella” was conceived by three young Mexican men — producer, director and lead actor — who are conservative Catholics and want to make movies removed from Hollywood’s movie culture of sex and violence. Bankrolled by a wealthy Catholic family from Philadelphia, they shot the film in 24 days […]