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Intelligent Design Added to Primary School in Britain

Creationism gains foothold in schools THE government has cleared the way for a form of creationism to be taught in Britain’s schools as part of the religious syllabus. Lord Adonis, an education minister, is to issue guidelines within two months for the teaching of “intelligent design” (ID), a theory being promoted by the religious right […]

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Larry Arnhart asks: “Why don’t social conservatives embrace Darwinism?” O’Leary tries to explain

In a December 26 comment, Larry Arnhart, author of Darwinian Conservatism, asked, Why would “family values” conservatism be contrary to Darwinian conservatism? In my book, I show how Darwinian science supports family values and traditional morality as rooted in human biological nature. So where’s the conflict? Where’s the conflict? Well, how about from the beginning […]

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Dennett gives scientific reasons ID will prevail

It is my speculation the notorious Beyond Belief Conference and Dawkins call to make religion illegal are signs secularism could be on the brink of crisis. Ironically, Daniel Dennett unwittingly gives powerful “scientific” reasons why secularism is doomed and why religion (which tends to be ID-friendly) will prevail as the dominant paradigm in human culture. […]

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Other problems for Human Evolution, Nachman’s U-Paradox

Cornell geneticist John Sanford pointed out many problems confronting the theory of Darwinian evolution, particularly human evolution. (See: Genetic Entropy ) Many of his arguments were subtle. Among them was his discussion of a somewhat obscure paper: Estimate of the Mutation Rate per Nucleotide in Humans by Nachman. Nachman writes: The high deleterious mutation rate […]

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Michael Behe On Falsification

In the DVD Case For A Creator, in the Q&A section, Michael Behe was asked, How would you respond to the claim that intelligent design theory is not falsifiable? Behe responded: The National Academy of Sciences has objected that intelligent design is not falsifiable, and I think that’s just the opposite of the truth. Intelligent […]

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O’Leary’s recent columns of interest : On neuroscience implications/applications of intelligent design

For links to all go here. 1. A recent ChristianWeek column: Faith@Science: The God gene? Spot? Circuit? Okay, maybe a Module? (Note: This is the column I wrote shortly after finishing my work on The Spiritual Brain, explaining why notions of a God spot, gene, module, or circuit in the brain are completely ridiculous.) For […]