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Intelligent Design: It’s All About God

Glenn McGee of “The Scientist” writes this: A leading synthetic biologists said to me recently that she is working so hard on building and animating an artificial bacterium primarily so that she can prove to advocates of intelligent design that it doesn’t take a God to create life. I wish her luck, and Godspeed. I think we’re supposed to be alarmed. I’m shaking in my boots. 🙂 Go here for the full article.

Bradley Monton — Important Article on Dover

Bradley Monton, a Princeton-trained philosopher on the faculty at the University of Kentucky, has an important piece on Dover here. Though Monton is not an ID proponent (he is a philosopher of physics who in his professional work is quite critical of fine-tuning as evidence for God), he exhibits little patience for the reasoning in Judge Jones’s decision. Note especially the following paragraph from his article: There is a problem with this idea that science should change its methodology in light of empirical confirmation of the existence of a supernatural being [[a point that Pennock had conceded in testimony]]. How does this empirical confirmation take place, if not scientifically? By Pennock’s lights, there must be some other epistemic practice that Read More ›

Introducing Myself…

Hello, everyone. For my first contribution, I just want to let you guys know what you can expect from me and what I expect from you. What you can expect from me: My posts will probably be similar to those of Dr. Dembski, but due to my busy schedule, I seriously doubt I will be able to post as often as he did. I’m a college junior studying English and Philosophy, so you probably won’t see me addressing very many, if any, hard scientific matters. What I expect from you: I want you all to be civil and respectful to everyone else on this blog. You don’t have to agree with everything I have to say, and I encourage lively Read More ›

The Resurrection of Uncommon Descent

By popular demand this blog is back in operation, though with only limited participation in the future from me. Past contributors to this blog have decided they are willing to shoulder the responsibility of maintaining this blog, namely, DaveScot, Bombadill, Crandaddy, and Gumpngreen. Unlike in the past, when they were limited to commenting on my postings, they now have full posting privileges. They will be in charge of the day-to-day business of this blog, everything from keeping it interesting to approving comments to booting recalcitrant commenters. Of these four, DaveScot has been the designated blogczar — the buck stops with him.