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Fewer than half of climate scientists endorse anthropogenic global warming

A recent survey of climate change articles in science journals finds fewer than half of the authors endorse anthropogenic global warming theories. The so-called consensus has now collapsed to a minority position. I love being right. Linked by The Drudge Report: Breaking: Less Than Half of all Published Scientists Endorse Global Warming Theory DAILYTECH SURVEY: […]

Intelligent Design

What if we DID find irreducibly complex biological features?

In any debate on Intelligent Design, there is a question I have long wished to see posed to ID opponents: “If we DID discover some biological feature that was irreducibly complex, to your satisfication and to the satisfaction of all reasonable observers, would that justify the design inference?” (Of course, I believe we have found […]

Intelligent Design

Exhuming the Peppered Mummy

Paul Nelson highlighted new developments in the Peppered Myth story here. Now Jonathan Wells, a scientist at the Discovery Institute, offers a more detailed analysis in Exhuming the Peppered Mummy. Enjoy!!! A friend of mine tells me that the only things he remembers about evolution from his high school biology course are photos of black […]

Intelligent Design

“Rationalist” encyclopedia stumbles onto non-materialist neuroscience

Rationalwiki is an online encyclopedia struggling to be born. Judging from the copy I saw August 29, 2007 (which will probably change), it appears to be written by a group of people who see themselves as the guardians of reason, progress, and enlightenment, against “the anti-science movement” and “crank ideas”. Nowadays, theirs is a pretty […]

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Renowned Technology Pioneer Trashes neo-Darwinism (part 1)

Rob Crowther interviews renowned pioneer of technology Walt Ruloff in Expelling Dogma: Executive Producer Walt Ruloff and Expelled(part 1). Ruloff relates how “disruptive technologies” advanced the high-tech industry and how neo-Darwinism is a science stopper because it prevents the evolution of “disruptive technologies”. He expresses the highly negative consequences of neo-Darwinism to the advancement of […]

Intelligent Design

Michael Majerus: Peppered Moths DO Rest On Tree Trunks, And Incidentally, God Doesn’t Exist

Last week at the European Society for Evolutionary Biology (ESEB) meeting in Sweden, Michael Majerus of Cambridge University — one of world’s leading experts on the peppered moth, of textbook fame — gave a plenary lecture where he argued that his observations over the past 7 years, in his own garden in the UK, had […]

Intelligent Design

Where Did Sea Anemones Get Human Genes?

Another surprise for Darwinists has been found in the genome of the lowly, primitive sea anemone. In an article published in Science and summarized here we discover that: The newly decoded DNA of a few-centimeter-tall sea anemone looks surprisingly similar to our own, a team led by Nicholas Putnam and Daniel Rokhsar from the U.S. […]

Intelligent Design

Calculating God author Rob Sawyer wins top China sci-fi prize

Canadian science fiction writer Rob Sawyer, author of The Calculating God, which explores the idea of intelligent design, has won China’s top science fiction prize. CHENGDU, CHINA, 26 AUGUST 2007: Robert J. Sawyer of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, today won China’s top science-fiction award, the Galaxy Award, in the category “Most Popular Foreign Author of the […]