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Can Ben Stein’s Expelled be sued by angry Darwinists?

That’s the warning I received from an anonymous “wellwisher” (?) here at the Post-Darwinist: I do hopw that the makers of “Expelled” are aware of the lawsuits launched against the makers of “What the Bleep…”, given that they obtained their interviews with several biologists unders false pretenses. I asked a contact at the studio, and […]

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[Off Topic]Jesus desecrated in Malay newspaper. No riots in Kuala Lumpur?

Here’s an interesting but off-topic story. A newspaper in Kuala Lumpur ran a newspaper article showing a picture of Jesus smoking (a cigar or cigarette or something). The Malay Indians have expressed outrage and asked for apologies (which the newspaper has extended). The Malay Indian Congress has threatened to have the newspaper shut down but, […]

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Dawkins Bravely Opposes Following the Herd (Unless It’s His Herd)

Readers of this blog will know that my favorite game is “spot the irony” (based upon Monty Python’s “spot the looney” game).  Here a colleague from another listserve brings Richard Dawkins’ statement from “The Enemies of Reason” We’ve got to go back to the evidence and see what is true. We must favour verifiable evidence […]

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Scientists should unite against threat from religion

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any sillier, now Sam Harris, author of “Letter to a Christian Nation” publishes a letter in Nature calling all good scientists to oppose religion at every turn. Unfortunately for Sam, the letter is frought with inaccuracies and mischaracterizations that would make PiZza Myers proud. He even goes so […]

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David Klinghoffer Interview in NRO

David Klinghoffer, author of the new book Shattered Tablets: Why We Ignore the Ten Commandments at Our Peril (Doubleday), gives a disconcerting interview in National Review Online about life in Seattle. Here’s a sample: Lopez: What’s the point of a First Commandment protest rally? Klinghoffer: Oh, I attended one, though it wasn’t spoken of explicitly. […]


Fossil gorilla teeth push back human evolution even further

Here is ad hoc, paradigm-driven, rationalistic science at its best: (paraphrase follows) “We know that humans and gorillas had a common ancestor. This finding of an extremely early but largely modern gorilla means that the ancestor must have been much earlier than we thought.” This, along with the Egyptian footprints, ought to be telling a different story, it seems […]