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Denyse O’Leary talks about the just-released Spiritual Brain

Here’s a podcast interview where I reveal key secrets of the evil conspiracies I am part of, while discussing The Spiritual Brain . I also Wedge “the Edge“, and explain why I don’t drink coffee while reading materialist interpretations of spirituality – because choking with laughter while drinking coffee is, like, a bitter experience. I […]

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Imaginary Numbers, Once Rejected, Now Commonplace

Once again I direct our readers to First Things.  This time Amanda Shaw discusses how imaginary numbers, once rejected as “Impossible, irrational, delusionary, absurd, untrustworthy, fictitious, imaginary,” are now a staple of everyday math.  See Is there an analogy to ID here?  The fact that imaginary numbers were not part of the math “system” […]

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Darwinists Now say “Parsimony Smarsimony.”

“In science, parsimony is preference for the least complex explanation for an observation. This is generally regarded as good when judging hypotheses. Occam’s razor also states the ‘principle of parsimony.’”  See In the post below (“Multiverse of the Gaps”), I point to a recent paper in which a Darwinist attempts to get around the extremely […]

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Chronicle of Higher Education reports on Evo-Info Lab controversy

Chronicle of Higher Education, Tuesday, September 4, 2007 Baylor U. Removes a Web Page Associated With Intelligent Design From Its Site By ELIZABETH F. FARRELL Another controversy over the study of intelligent design is brewing at Baylor University. Officials at the institution, in Waco, Tex., have removed from the university’s Web site a personal […]

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Just released – a neuroscientist’s case for the existence of … the soul!

“Never shrinking from controversy, and sometimes deliberately provoking it, this book serves as a lively introduction to a field where neuroscience, philosophy, and secular/spiritual cultural wars are unavoidably intermingled.”—Publishers Weekly The belief that the mind does not exist apart from the brain dominated the twentieth century. But can we really dismiss our thoughts and feelings, […]

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Backgrounder to Robert Marks’s lab shutdown: Baylor revokes Dembski’s research fellowship 2006

On Thursday (12.07.06) I learned it was definite that Baylor University was revoking a postdoctoral fellowship that I held in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Last month (11.06) I was appointed as Senior Research Scientist in that department to work on a project in information theory with Prof. Robert Marks. That project was […]

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The Secret of the “The Secret:” It’s Just Plain Silly.

Kudos to Anthony Sacramone over at First Things for his hilarious (and insightful) take on the latest self help super-bestseller.  See here.  Excerpt:  “After all, who wants to believe that they’re at the whim of chance, accident, or worse—a sovereign God? The idea of being either lost in a Darwinian universe or limited by […]

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Parody at UD

When Botnik approached me about whether it would be all right to post his parody of what President John Lilley of Baylor might be thinking in trying to justify his expulsion of Prof. Robert Marks’s Evolutionary Informatics Lab from Baylor, I thought it mirrored what motivates many academics in wanting to stamp out ID. Besides, […]

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Michael Lynch: Darwinism is a caricature of evolutionary biology

IDers like to portray evolution as being built entirely on an edifice of darwinian natural selection. This caricature of evolutionary biology is not too surprising. Most molecular, cell and developmental biologists subscribe to the same creed, as do many popular science writers. However, it has long been known that purely selective arguments are inadequate to […]

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Baptist University pulls plug on Evolutionary Informatics Lab – links to intelligent design fatal

Yesterday, the Baylor University administration shut down Prof. Robert Marks’s Evolutionary Informatics Lab because the lab’s research was perceived as linked to intelligent design (ID). Robert J. Marks II, Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Baylor, had hoped that a late-August compromise would save his lab, but the University withdrew from the previous […]