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Real Simulations, Cartoon Simulations, and Evolutionary Informatics

Computer programs that purport to validate the grand claims of Darwinian (i.e., chance and necessity) biological evolution are a hoot. In early August my aerospace R&D company sent me off to Livermore, CA for a four-day course in using a finite element analysis (FEA) simulation program called LS-DYNA, originally developed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. […]

Intelligent Design

Evolution in the light of intelligent design – New entries

Here are the new entries to the Encyclopedia: Evolution in the light of intelligent design Acritarchs – oldest known protists (Tyler) The picture emerging of the Late Archaean is one that includes prokaryotes and eukaryotes, photosynthesis, an oxygenated atmosphere and lots of biological activity. This is a big contrast from the picture even 10 years […]

Intelligent Design

Evolutionary Informatics Media Coverage: Baylor, Robert Marks, and the EvoInfo Lab

Media attention continues to focus on the Baylor administration’s censoring of Prof. Robert Marks’s Evolutionary Informatics Lab (now on a third-party server at With the coming to campus of a crew from Ben Stein for his forthcoming movie/documentary EXPELLED: NO INTELLIGENCE ALLOWED, things have ramped up further. Baylor President John Lilley continues to dig in […]

Intelligent Design

Walt Ruloff op-ed on academic suppression at Baylor — “Does the Baylor administration believe in God?”

Walt Ruloff, the executive producer of the Ben Stein movie EXPELLED: NO INTELLIGENCE ALLOWED, has an amazing op-ed in today’s Baylor Lariat, the school newspaper. WOW! BU administration silencing science by design Sept. 18, 2007 It may sound like a crazy question, but it needs to be asked: Does the administration at Baylor believe in […]

Intelligent Design

“Expelled: The Movie” attempts to interview Baylor President John Lilley

According to today’s Baylor Lariat (the student newspaper), the producer of the upcoming Ben Stein documentary on suppression of ID ( is sending a crew to Baylor to interview President John Lilley and others regarding the removal of Robert Marks’s Evolutionary Informatics Lab from Baylor (for the background on this story, go here). It appears […]