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Beyond a joke

Remember the amazing story on Uncommon Descent a few days ago, about the private school science textbook which teaches that the Loch Ness Monster is real? Believe it or not, the story is true. It’s also three years old: way back in 2009, an article exposing the school program that publishes the textbook, Accelerated Christian […]

Intelligent Design

This Paper Will Be Cited As Showing How Those Complex Ion Channels Evolved

If you thought that Harold Zakon’sblunder in the very first sentence of his new PNAS paper, on the evolution of voltage-gated sodium channels, was merely the obligatory secret handshake and that thereafter Zakon would get down to business with some real science, well, think again. After his rather shaky start you’ll find that the second sentence is […]

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Science and Religion at the Portsmouth Institute

Some months back I was invited to speak at this summer’s Portsmouth Institute, which took place last weekend (June 22-24). The title of this summer’s symposium was “Modern Science/Ancient Faith.” See here for the schedule of talks. The speakers included Michael Ruse of Florida State University (keynote), Kenneth Miller of Brown University, John Haught of […]