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FYI-FTR: Communication system framework model . . . relevance to the cell

Andre just asked me: can you please embed a flowchart of how communication works for [XXXX] … You know the one that goes like this input encoder medium decoder output. I don’t think [XXXX] understands the problems such a system has with accidental processes nor does he understand IC. Please KF. With a little bit Read More…

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Is someone actually trying to take out the trash in evolution studies?

Someone cares? Conceivably. Get this: Blind trust in unblinded observation in Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior We surveyed 492 recent studies in the fields of ecology, evolution, and behavior (EEB) to evaluate potential for observer bias and the need for blind experimentation in each study. While 248 articles included experiments that could have been influenced by observer bias, only Read More…

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Real Clear Science slams Slate science reporting

“ … reportage that is mostly aimed at insulting Republicans and Christians.” But isn’t that what a pop science page would typically understand science reporting to be?  Oh yes, there are also a-crock-alypses to cover. Sorry, forgot. Here: Now, for some reason, Slate’s science page has partially abandoned its strong tradition of in-depth analysis to Read More…

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Predictions Darwin followers admit have failed

If they’re honest. Following on Darwin’s Predictions: A New Website Surveys Evolution’s Main Predictions Here: The predictions examined in this paper were selected according to several criteria. They cover a wide spectrum of evolutionary theory and are fundamental to the theory, reflecting major tenets of evolutionary thought. They were widely held by the consensus rather than Read More…

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Darwin’s Predictions: A New Website Surveys Evolution’s Main Predictions

Ever wonder what the scientific evidence says about evolutionary theory? Have doubts about evolutionist’s claim that the data unequivocally support evolution, making if a fact beyond all reasonable doubt? Well have a look for yourself at the newDarwinsPredictions site and see how the objective science compares with evolution’s predictions.  Read more

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Science is like hockey

It can be the greatest game on Earth. And it can be vastly more useful. But: Further to A growing serious interest in the science journal retraction problem?, this also landed in the In Bin yesterday: In the language of science, calling results “incredibly nice” is not a compliment—it’s tantamount to accusing a researcher of Read More…

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A growing serious interest in the science journal retraction problem?

Maybe. It even penetrated as far as the New York Times: Retractions can be good things, since even scientists often fail to acknowledge their mistakes, preferring instead to allow erroneous findings simply to wither away in the back alleys of unreproducible literature. But they don’t surprise those of us who are familiar with how science Read More…

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Last religion post for the week: Jerry Coyne on religion

Drat, just when I (O’Leary for News) complained that the new atheists had given up threatening each other with legal action, raising cain about genome mapper Francis Collins, or starting hoo-haws in elevators, this item turned up in the In Bin: Jerry Coyne in The Scientist : But while science and religion both claim to Read More…