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Homo naledi hype questioned

From Casey Luskin at Christian Post:: Hominid Hype and Homo Naledi: Did Scientists Really Discover a Human Ancestor? Indeed, just four years ago Australopithecus sediba — also discovered and promoted by Berger — was the transitional form du jure between the australopithecines and our own genus Homo. Yet sediba had a very different set of […]

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Science truth subjected to vote?

From Should Scientific Truth Be Subjected to a Vote?: Those who promulgate the rhetoric of consensus rightly want to preserve the integrity of science in the eyes of the public. The empirical, precise, and collaborative method of natural science remains – despite the current reproducibility crisis – our most reliable source for knowledge about the […]


Cryonics as false science?

Okay, okay, not directly our thing, but I am just gearing up here again: The False Science of Cryonics No one who has experienced the disbelief of losing a loved one can help but sympathize with someone who pays $80,000 to freeze their brain. But reanimation or simulation is an abjectly false hope that is […]

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On Dr Ben Carson, the Devil, science vs medicine and saving life

I passed by and noted a dismissive comment (or a few) regarding US Presidential candidate, retired neurosurgeon Dr Ben Carson: CASE A: he’s running for President of the United States of America; he’s a politician who’s put religion and science into his platform. He willingly exposed himself to criticism and does not deserve a pass […]

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Idiocy from Media Matters, some disgraceful US outfit, Ben Carson edition

Ben Carson, pediatric neurosurgeon, saved children’s lives. Here is a typical Darwin follower’s’ response, demanding worship of their idol: So imagine it’s 1970 or so, and you’re young Ben Carson, sitting in a biology class at Yale University. With your sharp mind and strong study habits, you don’t have much problem understanding the material, grasping […]

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Trilobite caught in act of molting

From 365 Million-Year-Old Fossil Catches Trilobite in the Act of Molting: In shedding it’s armored exoskeleton, the fossilized creature was molting. Molting is without a doubt one of nature’s most incredible acts. Every so often, certain creatures cast off parts of their bodies in a process of biological renewal. Cats and dogs do it with […]

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New Scientist on the need to “hack” our morals

Here. Gut reactions guide our judgements and behaviour, but those reactions, developed over millions of years of living in small groups, aren’t up to the grand challenges that face us in an interconnected world of billions of people. On the road ahead, this is a recipe for tyranny everywhere: Traditional moral instincts don’t work; we […]