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All that follows is from commenter RDM: Perhaps the greatest irony of this whole discussion, given that it is primarily dealing with materialists and their objections to self-evident moral truths, is two-fold. First, consider that in many respects, philosophical arguments are simply plausibility comparisons. One argument/view is simply more plausible than another. Now, in terms […]

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In a comment to a prior post “daveS” writes: AFAIK, 2 + 2 = 4 could very well be a self-evident truth. I assume “AFAIK” means “as far as I know.” If that is the case, daveS should know that it is in the nature of self-evident truth that putting the qualifiers “AFAIK” and “could […]

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FYI-FTR: SS’s red herring –> strawman abuse of the Golden Rule vs the needed World-Root IS that grounds OUGHT

For some weeks now, in the teeth of repeated correction, SS [attn, LH, DK etc] has been abusing the Golden Rule by dragging it as a red herring across the track of the issue of grounding OUGHT in a world-root level IS, and then setting up a strawman argument on how reciprocity adequately founds moral […]

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Humans are “unique super-predator”?

The BBC, having announced that chimps have “entered the Stone Age” (because they smash stuff with rocks, as do birds), has also announced that humans are unique super-predators. Actually, the point made is mostly a sensible one (for once): The analysis of global data details the ruthlessness of our hunting practices and the impacts we […]