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New Scientist on the New Earthlings 2

(Note: A previous version of this story was just rejected by Facebook for allegedly dangerous material. It is reposted here and went through at Facebook this time. Apologies for any inconvenience.  – News) Naturalism, like many religions, features an apocalypse. One prophecy is for wastage by a comet. From New Scientist: “Some say the deep microbial biosphere […]

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Michael Flannery’s essay on Alfred Russel Wallace now in Springer book

Michael Flannery, science historian who has specialized in the life of Alfred Russel Wallace, writes to say that: My paper, “Alfred Russel Wallace, Nature’s Prophet: From Natural Selection to Natural Theology,” from the 2nd International Conference on Alfred Russel Wallace held in Kuching (Sarawak), Malaysia, November 7-8, 2013, hasfinally been published in Naturalists, Explorers and […]

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Does at least one moral truth — M0 — necessarily exist? (Thence, justice, truth & beauty)

Let’s see, courtesy comment 469 in the WJM subjectivism thread: >>It seems we need to address as MSET 0, that there are moral truths. In steps of thought: 1 –> Let’s call this proposition, M0. M0 = there is at least one moral truth. 2–> Understand, truths are assertions that accurately describe aspects of reality. […]

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HGT: Gut microbes jump to insect hosts

From ScienceDaily: Many plant-feeding insects need microbial enzymes, such as pectinases, that degrade plant cell walls; yet some insects have overcome this dependency in a surprising way. Now researchers found that stick insects make microbial enzymes themselves. From an ancestral gut microbe, the genes for the essential enzymes simply ‘jumped’ as they are to their […]

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Jumping gene drives moth colour change

The story is packaged as evidence for natural selection, but wait till you hear the details. Michael Denton is right. From ScienceDaily: Jumping genes, more formally known as transposable elements (TEs), are mobile segments of DNA that can change their position within a genome and alter the expression of other genes. Using fine-scale linkage and […]

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FYI-FTR: But aren’t ‘marriage,’ ‘race’ and ‘rights’ just words . . . ?

As the WJM arguing thread continues, we can notice other concerns, here, extreme nominalism and its nihilistic consequences. Yes, nihilistic: might and manipulation make ‘right,’ ‘truth,’ ‘meaning,’ ‘law,’ and so forth. I responded to CF’s attempt to push principled objection to nihilistic, nominalistic, radically relativist, subjectivist homosexualisation of ‘marriage’ under false colour of law [cf […]

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FYI-FTR: Conscience is a gift

In a recent exchange with BA in the WJM arguing thread, CF inadvertently revealed that he too knows or should know and acknowledge, that there is an oughtness towards truth. This is not unexpected, given the core moral self evident truths. For instance, we can see the first cycle: >>1] The first self evident moral […]

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Human intelligence evolved to care for helpless babies?

There’s a certain haplessness to ScienceDaily. For example: Human intelligence might have evolved in response to the demands of caring for infants, new research suggests. Experts in in brain and cognitive sciences have developed a novel evolutionary model in which the development of high levels of intelligence may be driven by the demands of raising […]

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My “Theological Supplement”

My 2015 Discovery Institute Press book In the Beginning and Other Essays on Intelligent Design, 2nd edition included a section entitled “A Theological Supplement,” where I wrote: It is widely believed that Darwinism is based on good science, and that those who oppose it simply do not like its philosophical and religious implications. The truth […]

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Shared error in texts is an argument for common ancestry guided by design

Cornelius Hunter writes: Venema’s argument is that harmful mutations shared amongst different species, such as the human and chimpanzee, are powerful and compelling evidence for evolution. These harmful mutations disable a useful gene and, importantly, the mutations are identical. Are not such harmful, shared, mutations analogous to identical typos in the term papers handed in […]