Evolution News

First amphibious centipede found is “horrific”

From Mary Bates at National Geographic: Scientists have recently described the world’s first known amphibious centipede. It belongs to a group of giant centipedes called Scolopendra and grows up to 20 centimeters (7.9 inches) long. Like all centipedes, it is venomous and carnivorous. … With some difficulty, Beccaloni captured the centipede and later put it […]

Cosmology News

Unclear who qualifies as a string theorist

String theory is hotter than tabasco in the pop science media. It interests us because it is probably unfalsifiable—and therefore generates worrying demands for an exemption from falsifiability and for non-evidence-based science. From mathematician Peter Woit, a string theory skeptic at Not Even Wrong: If you’re interested in the various sorts of internal divisions these […]

Animal minds News

Can cats understand logic?

Better than great apes, some say. From Marianne Freiberger at PlusMaths: It’s a question that has recently received a partial answer in a (refreshingly simple) experiment conducted by scientists in Japan. The study showed that cats know what it means when a container rattles when shaken, and that they expect something to fall out when […]

Culture News Science

Remembering Trofim Lysenko

From Paul Greenberg at Jewish World Review: It was back in 1928, just after another five-year plan had proven a five-year bust, that Trofim Lysenko first came to the grateful attention of the Party by borrowing an old trick of the simplest Russian peasants: Make winter wheat sprout in the spring by exposing its seeds […]

Intelligent Design

Quote of the Day

john_a_designer writes: After his famous 1948 BBC debate with skeptic Bertrand Russell, Jesuit priest Fr. Frederick Copleston expressed some frustration. He said that he felt that Russell had come unwilling to really engage him in any of his arguments. However, during the debate the two men had this brief exchange: “You say,” Copleston said to […]

Cell biology Genetics News

So Hiawatha was right?

Amazing protein diversity in maize From Eurekalert: Cold Spring Harbor, NY — The genome of the corn plant – or maize, as it’s called almost everywhere except the US – “is a lot more exciting” than scientists have previously believed. So says the lead scientist in a new effort to analyze and annotate the depth […]