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At Science News: Hominid kids were upright walkers 3 million years ago

From Bruce Bawer at Science News:: A largely complete, 3.3-million-year-old child’s foot from Australopithecus afarensis shows that the appendage would have aligned the ankle and knee under the body’s center of mass, a crucial design feature for upright walking, scientists report July 4 in Science Advances. “The overall anatomy of this child’s foot is strikingly […]

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Why some birds are smarter than others?: They have larger brain structures that mediate information

From ScienceDaily: University of Alberta neuroscientists have identified the neural circuit that may underlay intelligence in birds, according to a new study. The discovery is an example of convergent evolution between the brains of birds and primates, with the potential to provide insight into the neural basis of human intelligence. “An area of the brain […]

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Alert! Common sense has invaded anthropology. Researcher claims: Chimps ‘r NOT us…

From Agustín Fuentes at Sapiens: Researchers have observed multiple chimpanzee societies for more than 50 years, so we know a lot about what these primates do and what they don’t do. Chimpanzees have a fascinating array of social traditions (using stone tools to crack open nuts, drinking from leaf cups, “fishing” for termites) and capacities […]

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Replication crisis: New proposal suggests, Let scientists admit mistakes and move on

From Dalmeet Singh Chawla at Undark: N SEPTEMBER 2016, the psychologist Dana Carney came forward with a confession: She no longer believed the findings of a high-profile study she co-authored in 2010 to be true. The study was about “power-posing” — a theory suggesting that powerful stances can psychologically and physiologically help one when under […]

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Genetics: Darwinism vs. biological form

With Philip Cunningham Philip Cunningham writes to say, “As the preceding e-mails strongly indicated, Biological Form simply is not reducible to Darwinian Mechanisms” Paper. See also: Do all genes affect every complex trait? Veronique Greenwood: The roots of many traits, from how tall you are to your susceptibility to schizophrenia, are far more tangled. In […]

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Bret Weinstein on Jordan Peterson v Sam Harris

From former Evergreen biologist Bret Weinstein at YouTube: Bret Weinstein’s follow up report on the Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson debates that he moderated in June of 2018 in Vancouver, B.C. This event was billed as an in-depth discussion between Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson about the relationship between science and ethics, facts and values, […]

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At Prospect: Multiverse theory is undermining the integrity of physics

From Jim Baggott at Prospect: Over the last few decades “multiverse theories” have become increasingly fashionable within a relatively small—but publicly vocal—group of theoretical physicists. This group specialises in foundational problems in cosmology, particle physics, and quantum mechanics. These theories are advertised as science’s answer to much that we can’t otherwise explain about the universe […]

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New book from Michael Behe on how today’s DNA findings “devolve” Darwin

Michael Behe’s new book at Amazon: Darwin Devolves: The New Science About DNA that Challenges Evolution is due February 26, 2019. No cover image as yet. From HarperOne: The scientist who has been dubbed the “Father of Intelligent Design” and author of the groundbreaking book Darwin’s Black Box contends that recent scientific discoveries further disprove Darwinism […]

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Evolutionary psychology: A promising new strategy for anti-Semites?

At Undark, Michael Schulson asks, Why are ostensibly respectable, peer-reviewed journals now publishing discussions of what has long been dismissed as bigoted psychological research? IN THE 20 years since the publication of his best-known book, “The Culture of Critique,” Kevin MacDonald, an emeritus professor of psychology at California State University, Long Beach, has complained that […]

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The Louisiana Science Education Act a decade later: Darwin not worshipped, swamp monsters not on the loose

From David Klinghoffer at ENST: This week we’re celebrating the tenth anniversary of the passage of the Louisiana Science Education Act. It was a turning point in the effort to secure academic freedom for science teachers. That effort was never going to be an overnight success, but the LSEA marked an important beginning. Yes. Who […]