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Is the recently cited hybrid dolphin-whale a “new species”? No.

The concept of speciation in general is a huge mess (see links below), principally because it is taken as confirmation of explicitly Darwinian evolution (you know, On the Origin of Species and all that… ). It’s the same sort of problem as when a religious sect seeks to confirm a miracle. They degrade the definition and damage the concept.

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When research collides: Modified gravity vs. dark matter

Modified gravity is a hypothesis (1983) that attempts to account for the gravitational pull that is otherwise attributed to dark matter (which has never been identified). From Sabine Hossenfelder, author of Lost in Math: How Beauty Leads Physics Astray, at : Which one is right? We still don’t know, though astrophysicists have been on the case Read More…

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Convergent eye evolution shows that evolution is “easy”?

Here’s an inventive turn of phrase from Nature: “Eye evolution came easy for simple sea creatures Family tree shows that jellies and their relatives evolved eyes independently at least eight times.” Jellyfish and their kin have no brains and make do with rudimentary nervous systems. But an analysis now shows that these simple sea creatures Read More…

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Quantum physicist David Bohm on why there cannot be a Theory of Everything

At Scientific American, John Horgan reprints his profile of  Bohm (1917-1992) shortly before his death, in which Bohm explains his view: Although he tried to make the world more sensible with his pilot-wave model, he also argued that complete clarity is impossible. He reached this conclusion after seeing an experiment on television, in which a drop Read More…

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The Warfare Thesis Explained

Much has been written about the so-called “warfare thesis” first popularized in the 1870’s by Andrew Dickson White.  This thesis posits that there is an inherent conflict between Christianity and science.  Never mind that many of the most famous scientists in history, including practically all of the progenitors of the scientific revolution, were Christians (Galileo, Read More…

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Researchers: Jumping genes time their activity, await opportunity

From ScienceDaily: Researchers have developed new techniques to track the mobilization of jumping genes. They found that during a particular period of egg development, a group of jumping-genes called retrotransposons hijacks special cells called nurse cells that nurture the developing eggs. These jumping genes use nurse cells to produce invasive material (copies of themselves called Read More…

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Researchers: The symmetrons needed to explain dark energy were not found

From ScienceDaily: One of the candidates for ‘dark energy’ is the symmetron field. Researchers have developed an experiment capable of measuring extremely small forces with the help of neutrons. The measurements could have provided pointers to the mysterious symmetrons, but the particles didn’t show up. This excludes the possibility of symmetrons in a broad parameter Read More…

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Crick and Orgel on Why Other OOL Theories Should be Considered

Francis Crick and Leslie Orgel co-authored an article entitled “Directed Pansmermia” in which they advocated consideration of infective* theories for the origin of life on earth in addition to the moribund (then and now) search for a materialist terrestrial origin.  In that article the following sentence stands out: It has also been argued that ‘infective’ Read More…

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Rabbi: Anti-design physicist makes the best case for design of life

From Rabbi Moshe Averick, author of author of  The Confused World of Modern Atheism (Mosaica Press, 2016), at Times of Israel: Dr. Leonard Susskind is a renowned professor of theoretical physics at Stanford University and is credited as being one of the fathers of string theory. He was asked to comment at a NASA panel discussion Read More…