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Kirk Durston: Would ET life doom atheism?

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Readers may recall that NASA wonders how world religions would react if alien life were found. But Kirk Durston wonders at ENV whether atheism would survive.

The probability of life spontaneously self-assembling anywhere in this universe is mind-staggeringly unlikely; essentially zero. If you are so unquestioningly naïve as to believe we just got incredibly lucky, then bless your soul.

If we were to discover extraterrestrial life, however, then we would have had to get mind-staggeringly lucky two times! Like the forensic detectives at the lotteries commission, a thinking person would have to start operating on the well-founded suspicion that “something is going on.”

On the other hand, the existence of life and beauty elsewhere in the universe is not at all surprising under the hypothesis of a Creator who is the Artist of Hidden Beauty. Indeed, logic dictates the existence of a supernatural creator, as I have shown here, and our observations of the universe indicate it was specifically designed to support life. More.

Logic can dictate anything it wants; naturalism is a-logical.

See also: Space entrepreneur Robert Bigelow: Aliens have visited Earth When asked if he expects to see forms of intelligent life as humans explore the universe, Bigelow replied, “You don’t have to go anywhere. … It’s just, like, right under people’s noses.” (Of course, if that is what he believes, evidence seems superfluous.)

NASA cares what your religion thinks about ET More on that.


How naturalism rots science from the head down

News, I think the Sci Fi game of oh yes life is inevitable and there are billions of life bearing planets would kick in. It would be taken as proof that life is highly probable, as was being sought for on Mars. Of course, mars and up to the Gas Giant Moons have likely been seeded with life from Old Terra, courtesy asteroid impacts etc. KF PS: If you are looking for signs "aliens" visited us, first look in the text encoded in the DNA in effectively all the cells in our bodies (never mind red blood cells). PPS; And then there's that "alien" story we focus on at Christmas time [as in, what's an angel, for starters . . . ], which gets echoed in the Superman narrative, complete with allusions to Hebrew in the names. kairosfocus
Seversky, theists often grant that we are the pinnacle of God's creation here on earth, but I've never met a theist who argues that it extends beyond earth. Even if we were to grant that dubious premise, it does not logically follow that there could not be all sorts of plant and animal life all over the universe. KD
A naturalist who holds of panspermia would expect that life would appear on any planet that would support life. Lee Spetner
Mountains of evidence show man as pinnacle sev. Newton. Mozart, etc etc etc. Son of Man. Could you blame an ET for wanting to visit earth? I wouldn't blame them one bit. ppolish
If we were to discover extraterrestrial life, however, then we would have had to get mind-staggeringly lucky two times!
Humans and ET's evolved from some common ancestor who just didn't leave any fossilized remains. (Or insert *your* favorite materialist fantasy here) Andrew asauber
Kirk Durston: Would ET life doom atheism?
I don't see why. It's not atheists that hold that mankind is the pinnacle of God's creation. Seversky

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