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Have you stopped thinking yet?

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Gil, in the context, “Do you believe in evolution” is somewhat like, Have you stopped thinking yet?

Are you prepared to just sit there and let huge waves of nonsense roll over you, about monads to man or multiverses or supposed explanations for consciousness, for example, and say: Well, that’s science! ?

Instead of: Aw c’mon, man, that’s nonsense! ?

Could we develop a handy five-question bunkmeter? Can someone get us started with some questions?

One might be:  Am I – just some politician who claims I’d waste less of your tax dollar than the other guy – being asked to assent to a proposition I don’t clearly understand?

And maybe you – just some hack from Zoo Poo News – don’t understand it clearly either. So we are  doing this dance … why, again?

Who are we supposed to be trying to impress? Someone whose concerns are irrelevant to what we are running for office about?

Vote for:

Some Darwin freak whose life was made meaningful when he discovered goo to zoo to you? And the rest of us are wondering: Have you stopped thinking yet? Like, you’re not getting any better with age.


Some guy who says: I believe the entire universe was created sixty years ago and all the rest is backstory. That said,  I believe I can create jobs and balance the budget in just four years. Listen to my idea. …

If you believed the second guy might be able to pull at least some of it off, why would you vote for his opponent who says only, I do, I do, I really do, I do believe in  Darwin!  Vote for me. Re jobs and all that, well Stuff Happens.

Denyse, I like your title, Have you stopped thinking yet? I once did, having been indoctrinated with an atheistic worldview and Darwinian orthodoxy from childhood, through college, and even beyond. But then I started thinking again, in great part thanks to the ID movement. The big giveaway concerning Darwinists is their transparent desperation, attempting to defend that which is utterly ludicrous in light of the discoveries of modern science. They will resort to any tactic, no matter how vile or unethical, in an attempt to impose their worldview on others. Random errors, filtered by natural selection, do not produce complex computer programs, and living systems are now clearly recognized, by all who are familiar with the evidence and wish to admit it, to be based on an information-processing system of remarkable sophistication and engineering expertise. Darwinists and atheists are the enemies of contemporary scientific investigation. It is clear that purely materialistic explanations of everything have run their course, and are no longer adequate to explain what they purport to explain. ID theorists suggest that a design inference should be considered. This is a purely rational suggestion, based upon the evidence and discoveries of modern science. Darwinists will continue to whine, complain, blame, vilify, obfuscate, ridicule, and otherwise go into fits of irrational rage about their religion being challenged, but none of this will ultimately matter, because the truth will ultimately win out. GilDodgen
Cute. One can only pray for nations where would-be rulers are canvassed for their opinions on the the history of life in general, not on what they would do today about local problems. If we want to know about the history of life in general, we seek out profs. But we don't vote for profs to deal with, say, a militant public service employees' union or a turf war between drug dealers. News
Try again: “From goo to you, via the zoo” (Frank Peretti). Christian-apologetics.org
"I don't believe in God, and I hate him." Was it Chris Hitchens? "From good to you via the zoo" (Frank Peretti). Christian-apologetics.org

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