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“Grandmother” thesis in human evolution takes a hit

The “grandmother” thesis is that the reason our ancestors didn’t kill granny was that she helped out. (And then somehow religion got involved, and …) An actual study showed that “The hazard of death for Dogon children was twofold higher if the resident paternal grandmother was alive rather than dead. This finding may reflect the […]

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Worried about getting a good affordable education in Darwinworld?

Naomi Schaefer Riley discusses “The Economic Upside to Ending Tenure” ( Chronicle of Higher Education, June 19, 2011): In her new book, The Faculty Lounges: and Other Reasons Why You Won’t Get the College Education You Paid For (Ivan R. Dee), Naomi Schaefer Riley argues that faculty tenure is among the factors contributing to the […]

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Discover Magazine advises that American contender for a presidential nomination needs to

check her ID: On Friday, Michele Bachmann (R-MN) — incredibly, a Presidential front-runner for the Republicans — said this: I support intelligent design […] What I support is putting all science on the table and then letting students decide. I don’t think it’s a good idea for government to come down on one side of […]

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New York Times electrifies corpse of “it’s in your genes” – even while admitting that it’s sort of like, not true

“In Genetic Basis for Crime: A New Look” New York Times (June 19, 2011) , Patricia Cohen tells us Researchers estimate that at least 100 studies have shown that genes play a role in crimes. “Very good methodological advances have meant that a wide range of genetic work is being done,” said John H. Laub, […]

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“Sincere and heartfelt apologies” to Granville Sewell from the math journal that dumped his article due to Darwinist pressure

Editor’s note: ‘‘A Second Look at the Second Law’’ An article, ‘‘A Second Look at the Second Law,’’ by Dr. Granville Sewell, Professor of Mathematics at University of Texas at El Paso, was submitted on October 21, 2010 to the Journal of Applied Mathematics Letters. Dr. Sewell’s article was peerreviewed and accepted for publication on […]


“Survival of the weakest” aids bacteria?

Or so we learn: in “Bacteria develop restraint for survival in a rock-paper-scissors community” (ScienceDaily, 20-Jun-2011): It is a common perception that bigger, stronger, faster organisms have a distinct advantage for long-term survival when competing with other organisms in a given community.But new research from the University of Washington shows that in some structured communities, […]

Christian Darwinism

HuffPost: ID theorists have led everyone astray on all kinds of things

At HuffPost, Jonathan Dudley (“a seminary graduate now training to be a medical scientist”) allows us to know that “Christian Faith Requires Accepting Evolution” (06/18/11), because (among other things) Many think the widespread rejection of evolution doesn’t really matter. Evolution is about what happened in the past, the argument goes, so rejecting it doesn’t have […]

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New book: “Strong hints” of a multiverse mean ours isn’t fine-tuned

As we noted earlier, in “Why the universe wasn’t fine-tuned for life” (New Scientist, 14 June 2011), Marcus Chown reports on physicist Victor Stenger’s “devastating demolition” of the argument that the laws of physics of our universe were “fine-tuned” to foster life, in The Fallacy of Fine-tuning: Even if some parameters turn out to be […]

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Philosophy “largely a trick of the historical light”? Then what of philosophy of science?

In “A Survey and an Assertion: Twelve potted philosophers and a theory of human values” (The American Scholar, 2011) Carlin Romano asks, regarding philosophy, How can it be that philosophy, the world’s oldest profession without climactic satisfactions, remains so ill-defined? No matter where you turn, from academic pronouncement to middlebrow mulling to literary speculation, the […]

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Michael Behe’s Darwin’s Black Box #1 in list of 10 books that screwed up the world

Here at Listverse. Also rans include Mein Kampf (7) and the The Manifesto of the Communist Party (3) The author’s thesis is: On the list because: It fuels fundamentalist attacks on Science By arguing against aspects of Darwin’s theories, this book has given fuel to the fundamentalists who argue that a literal interpretation of the […]

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Do atheists or religious people have better sex lives – or chimpanzees?

Darrel Ray thinks that atheists have better sex lives, citing his study to prove it: But devoutly religious people rated their sex lives far lower than atheists. They also admitted to strong feelings of guilt afterwards. Strict religions such as Mormons ranked highest on the scale of sexual guilt. Their average score was 8.19 out […]