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Breaking, breaking: ID-friendly math prof Granville Sewell gets apology and damages from journal

Math journal retracted one of our UD authors’ accepted article only because Darwinist blogger complained A brief, lay-friendly, look at Sewell’s stifled paper is here. Comment on it’s significance here. This just in: Granville Sewell on the controversy. [This post will remain at the top of the page until 5:00 pm EST. For reader convenience, […]

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Common descent: Are Christian Darwinists fighting a battle that has already been lost?

It would be useful to know, in light of the recent Christianity Today cover story on Christian Darwinism in general and Francis’ Collins’s BioLogosin particular. Here, for example, in Karl Giberson and Francis Collins’s The Language of Science and Faith, they inform us, We suggest that Darwin’s theory of evolution, now that it has been confirmed […]

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“No God Needed” CalTech physicist responds to Uncommon Descent’s questions

Recently, Uncommon Descent’s vjtorley posed seven questions to physicist Sean Carroll, Senior Research Associate in Physics at the California Institute of Technology. Carroll had written an article, “Does the Universe need God?” for The Blackwell Companion to Science and Christianity. Now Carroll has answered the questions, and given us permission to post his response here: […]

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How common is common descent?

How common is common descent?A question worth asking, in light of a new paper: Casey Luskin advises (Evolution News & Views, June 3, 2011) that “Study Reports a Whopping “23% of Our Genome” Contradicts Standard Human-Ape Evolutionary Phylogeny”: We’ve recently discussed different genetic studies on primate relationships were finding contradictory evolutionary trees. As discussed, one […]

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Trilobite eye “comes as something of a shock”

In Probability’s Nature and the Nature of Probability, Don Johnson discusses the trilobite eye: Physicist Riccardo Levi-Setti observes, “In fact, this optical doublet is a device so typically associated with human invention that its discovery in trilobites comes as something of a shock. The realization that trilobites developed and used such devices half a billion […]

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Antimatter trapped for about 1000 seconds … a first

In “Antimatter atoms trapped for 16 minutes” Emily Chung reports (CBC News, June 6, 2011), The scientists’ recent achievement has extended the experimental lifetime of antihydrogen atoms 5,000-fold since the ALPHA experiment — an international collaboration Fujiwara is part of — first figured out how to trap them at all. This is, scientists say, enough […]

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Ape researcher: Human moral code merely “controlling system”

In “Going ape: Ultraviolence and our primate cousins,” New Scientist’s News Editor, Rowan Hooper, reviewing a book on ape violence, riffs, Josephine Head, also of the Max Planck Institute, describes how she tracked a trail of blood from where chimps had been vocalising loudly the night before, and made a horrible discovery: the spread-eagled body […]


Researcher: Mammals evolved a large brain to accommodate a sense of smell

In Ferris Jabr’s “Early mammals were brainy and nosy,” (New Scientist, 19 May 2011), we learn: The evident importance of smell and touch to these tiny proto-mammals hints at their lifestyle. The 190-million–year-old animals probably navigated dark burrows and skittered through leaf litter hunting insects – activities greatly helped by sensitive smell and touch.  And thus […]