3 degrees, 7 homes, 9 children, and 1 wonderful wife. I have a BS from Wheaton College, a PhD in Physics from UMd, an MA in Religion from Westminster Seminary, have taught at U of Bern, Boston U, U of Alabama Huntsville, Wheaton College, and have spent the last 20 years in rocket science. I am intrigued by science, philosophy and faith and their interaction with each other, an eternal golden braid. Favorite authors include GK Chesterton, CS Lewis, and Vern Poythress. My blog is at http://procrustes.townhall.com, and I have a website at: http://rbs.rbsp.info/RbS Soli Deo Gloria
Intelligent Design

Gauss’ Ghost

Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss was a polymath of no mean skill. Mathematicians bemoan the fact that he spent his later years doing physics, and physicists wish he had started earlier. One of his contributions was the derivation and proofs for the bell-shaped curve known as a “Gaussian” or “normal” distribution. It is the result of Read More…

Intelligent Design

A Critique of Pennock

I normally don’t write reviews of slanderous articles, but Pennock’s article piqued my curiosity by claiming that ID-founder, Phillip Johnson, is a Post-Modern Fundamentalist Creationist. Since most Fundamentalists would deny any relation to PoMo, and most Presbyterians would deny being Fundamentalists, I had to read the article, and once I began to read the article, Read More…

Intelligent Design

Political ID

Stanley Fish, that noted literary theorist and Post-Modern reader-response relativist, has posted a review of Steven Smith’s new book, The Disenchantment of Secular Discourse. I thought I was going to disagree with Fish, but I found myself in complete agreement (which might actually be Smith). Morality is “smuggled” into secular debate, into the “naked public Read More…