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Biology doesn’t pay that well

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Like Murphy said, Mother Nature is a bitch.

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With your coffee … From Nature:

Biologists lose out in post-PhD earnings analysis

One year after graduating, doctorates in mathematics, computer sciences and engineering raked in the highest amounts — US$65,000 a year on average, with the 60% of engineers who took industry jobs earning around $80,000 a year. Those with biology PhDs earned the least, around $36,000 per year, perhaps because of the effect of many taking postdoctoral fellowships — only 26% of biology graduates went straight into industry jobs.


Some biologists go into wildlife management which is said to be awful pay-wise because wild animals don’t lobby or co-operate.

See also: Tales from a wildlife biologist: Bears have fun when you’re not there  So the field does have its rewards.

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MATH?? What are they counting? The list seems to make sense. It is a computer world. What do evolutionary biologists , different species from biologists remember, make and who pays them?? There are many serious problems in these things aside from the points here. I can see capitalism being behind the pay but for some things its political and social agendas. Robert Byers
"Some biologists go into wildlife management which is said to be awful pay-wise" But they have the compensation of being able to work in wildlife management. Wild Kingdom original episodes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaAoApqd570&list=PLA1UeRQ_bbVtaBpPNaAmIr0IBeikxJzMM When I used to watch this program as a kid, I didn't realize that old as he looks, Marlin Perkins must have been in amazing physical condition to do some of the things he did on camera. When I was in graduate school they sent me to Asilomar to a conference ... I learned more by sneaking out of the seminars and walking along the beach looking at the tide pools. Jim Smith
But, but, but... biology (and climate studies) in academia are all a giant fraud where well-educated booksmart eggheads enrich themselves on the government's dole. Or so I heard. I guess it shows just how dumb those folks really are. hrun0815

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