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Are crows really as smart as 7 year old children?

Pro and con videos. What's really interesting is that anyone actually counters the statement.  In a materialist society, people take for granted that that is true  without ever wondering why crows are sitting on OUR telephone poles....    Read More ›

Does evolution help us understand why some species in the same genus are significantly smarter than others?

One could simply say, “Evolving more intelligence helped the animal to survive.” The trouble with that explanation is, many free-roaming life forms would probably survive more readily if they were more intelligent. But they do not develop greater intelligence on that account. There must be more to the story. Read More ›

Debunking another claim that an alleged “pillar” of human exceptionalism has “fallen”

Stripped of the rhetoric about supposedly fallen “pillars of human exceptionalism,” the researchers found a neuronal response in carrion crows that “might be a broad marker” for consciousness. Well, sure, it might. But before we get carried away, the consciousness we should know the most about is human consciousness, which remains almost a complete mystery to us, despite much research. Read More ›

Crows Can Be as Smart as Apes

But they have quite different brains. The intelligence doesn’t seem to reside in the details of the mechanism Studying animals’ intelligence has taught us many things. But in some ways, it has deepened the mystery of intelligence. We might have thought that intelligence, in terms of individual learning ability, would gradually increase among animals, from invertebrates to vertebrates, from exothermic (cold-blooded) animals to endothermic (warm-blooded) animals, from reptiles to primates, culminating in man. In that case, intelligence would be associated with the increasingly complex brain structures that enable it. Research has demonstrated the opposite. “Crows Can Be as Smart as Apes” at Mind Matters See also: Even Lizards Can Be Smart If you catch them at the right time. But Read More ›