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“Junk DNA” is expressed differently in chimps and humans — and makes a difference in brain types

At GenEng and BioTech mag: "In a new study, stem cell scientists at the Lund University, Sweden, explore the role of non-coding regions of the genome—previously deemed to be functionless “junk” DNA—and find humans and chimpanzees use a part of their non-coding DNA in different ways. This they claim affects how and when the human brain develops." Read More ›

Odd: Koala fingerprints almost indistinguishable from human ones

Researchers compared the fingerprints of three koalas killed by cars, a chimp that died in captivity, and human ones. The koala prints were more like human ones than the chimp’s were. Read More ›

Classic “evolution” rubbish about COVID-19

So the worry is that we are more social than chimps and therefore can’t handle social distancing? Seriously, the big difference between being a human and being a chimp is that humans can actually decide to do something based on reason. It comes of having an intellect, something Darwinian evolution has never been able to assimilate. Read More ›

David Berlinski’s thought experiment: Darwinism vs. the obvious

A thought experiment by philosopher and mathematician David Berlinski echoes something Michael Egnor noted recently: Not only are human beings unique but we are unique despite being animals in nature. Here’s the thought experiment: Read More ›

Researchers: Human neurons mature more slowly than those of chimpanzees and macaques

Interesting but not really a surprise because humans mature more slowly generally and live longer. No big news here that accounts for human uniqueness. Read More ›

Apes and humans: How did science get so detached from reality?

We’re not “one” with chimpanzees. The wall has not “been breached.” So far as anyone can tell, it is not even breachable. Nobody thinks chimpanzees are the same as humans except a few researchers who mayhave spent too long in the bush. Read More ›