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At Science Daily: Hearing is believing: Sounds can alter our visual perception

Audio cues can not only help us to recognize objects more quickly but can even alter our visual perception. That is, pair birdsong with a bird and we see a bird — but replace that birdsong with a squirrel’s chatter, and we’re not quite so sure what we’re looking at. “Your brain spends a significant Read More…

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At Science Daily: How magnetism could help explain Earth’s formation

A peculiar property of the Earth’s magnetic field could help us to work out how our planet was created 4.5 billion years ago, according to a new scientific assessment. There are several theories about how the Earth and the Moon were formed, most involving a giant impact. They vary from a model where the impacting Read More…

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At Science Daily: Early planetary migration can explain missing planets

“Model accounts for scarcity of planets with masses between super-Earths and mini-NeptunesComputer simulations by Rice University scientists and their collaborators are the first to integrate a model of planet formation and evolution that explains two puzzling observations of exoplanets orbiting distant stars: the rarity of worlds about 1.8 times larger than Earth and the near-identical size of adjacent planets in hundreds of planetary systems.