Culture Darwinism Intelligent Design Racism

Attack on Darwinism at AAAS’s flagship mag “Science” re racism and sexism

Let’s pass over the question of why Cool People never noticed that stuff about Charles Darwin for nearly a century and a half. Noticing now? Good. Then what does Agustín Fuentes suppose should replace Darwinism? A war on science? A war on math? A war on people who think getting right answers is a good thing? What’s supposed to be the next step?

Darwinism Intelligent Design Racism

Sheffield University: Darwin ruled “problematic” figure due to racism

Author William Cole emphasizes Darwin’s opposition to slavery but one of his quoted experts puts that in perspective: “Professor James Moore, a biographer of Darwin, told The Telegraph: ‘Almost everyone in Darwin’s day was “racist” in 21st century terms, not only scientists and naturalists but even anti-slavery campaigners and abolitionists.” Of course. There’s no reason why a racist couldn’t also be a passionate abolitionist. Whatever a person may believe about human equality, slavery is a corrupting influence on any society.

Culture Darwinism Intelligent Design Science

Re design in nature: New AAAS head says… What? Follow the… evidence?

Of course, Dr. Parikh may be forced to clarify and qualify, to make clear that Darwinism, however implausible in the light of new evidence, occupies a special position as the single greatest idea anyone ever had. But if he even put on the table the idea of following the evidence instead of the demand for assent, he can’t just take it back with no one noticing.

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Why are statements about “evolution” so often just filler?

Laszlo Bencze: “If you say, “Most people prefer vanilla ice cream,” you’ve just made a trivial claim of no great significance. But if you say, “People have evolved to prefer vanilla ice cream,” well now you’ve made an insightful and fascinating statement backed by years of scientific research, no doubt about it.” Well, if they can’t have the cattle, they are going to insist on the Big Hat, right?

Culture Darwinism Intelligent Design Racism

Planned Parenthood now denouncing Margaret Sanger — a bit late maybe

Cancel Culture is basically fascism, tweeted. But the way Darwinism and Social Darwinism sponsored racism — because in that scheme of things, someone always needs to be the lesser human — should have been dealt with a long time ago. There are certainly plenty of other reasons for doubting Darwin and denouncing Sanger today.

Darwinism Intelligent Design Racism

Biologist tackles “evolution” and racism with commendable zeal…

… but varying results. The awkward problem with Smith’s approach is that, to most people, evolution means Darwinism, period. And until comparatively recently, the “less evolved” stuff was what Darwin’s followers genuinely did believe. It wasn’t an extrapolation, it was part of their global belief system — as it was of Darwin’s. It’s no use looking hither and yon for how that “less evolved” idea got started. At one time, racism was based on a variety of folklore grounds; Darwin came along and made it sound scientific.