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Richard Dawkins

Neil Thomas on “The Dawkinsian Mythology”

Thomas: In the course of opposing Dawkins’s attempt to extend further the Darwinian imperium into the realm of “universal Darwinism,” philosopher Anthony Flew even disputed whether the term “natural selection” had any genuine meaning at all, questioning the selective power Darwin claimed for it. Read More ›

Noted at Hillfaith: Atheists’ books show that God must exist

They couldn't have written them without intelligent design of the universe. The blog also notes the impact of Steve Meyer's book, Return of the God Hypothesis, which seems to be giving the Darwinian materialist atheists some serious competition. Read More ›

Ten (or so) Anti-Intelligent Design Books You Should Read

I have posted the second video in my two part book recommendation series on the YouTube channel. In the previous video I highlighted many books that argue for intelligent design. My view is that proponents of design should face the strongest criticisms possible, and not be afraid of doing so. In line with this philosophy, in this video I talk about just a handful of the many books that attempt to refute ID. Again, I would be interested to know what others think are the best books that attempt to show ID is wrong. Ten (or so) Anti-Intelligent Design Books You Should Read

Rob Sheldon offers some thoughts on Richard Dawkins getting canceled by the American Humanist Association

Sheldon: Dawkins was part of the cancel culture 30 years ago "Christianity is like smallpox only harder to eradicate". So the fact that the cancel culture turns on its own, is not surprising. Read More ›

Dawkins deplatformed by American Humanist Association — but who retains AHA awards?

Soave: "The AHA gave Humanist of the Year awards to the author and activist Alice Walker—who promoted anti-Semitic conspiracy theories—and also to Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood who promoted eugenics and white supremacy. Sanger's legacy is so complicated that her own organization is currently disowning her." Apparently, Rebecca Goldstein and Steven Pinker, also AHA award winners, have written an open letter, asking the AHA to reverse course. Read More ›