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Macroevolution: One Long Argument from Ignorance

The charge is often made that ID constitutes an argument from ignorance (a charge I’ve shown to be false here). But a case can be made that conventional evolutionary theory, insofar as it tries to explain macroevolutionary changes, itself constitutes an argument from ignorance. In Gary Jason’s book Critical Thinking (p. 133), he characterizes the […]

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Discovery Institute Takes up the Case of Bryan Leonard

Discovery Institute Files Public Records Request in OSU Evolution Academic Freedom Case SEATTLE – Discovery Institute has filed a public records request with the Ohio State University (OSU) seeking all documents related to Darwinist attacks on OSU doctoral candidate Bryan Leonard. The request was submitted under the Ohio Public Records Act.


Lack of Faith

Here’s an image I found amusing that someone sent me about my lack of faith in Darwinism. I’ve always wanted an image of Darwin and me as professional wrestlers with me doing a piledriver on him. If you’ve got the photoshop skills and more time on your hands than you know what to do with […]