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Discovery Institute Takes up the Case of Bryan Leonard

Discovery Institute Files Public Records Request in OSU Evolution Academic Freedom Case SEATTLE – Discovery Institute has filed a public records request with the Ohio State University (OSU) seeking all documents related to Darwinist attacks on OSU doctoral candidate Bryan Leonard. The request was submitted under the Ohio Public Records Act.


Truth at Baylor

After cleaning house on Wednesday of this week by firing David Jeffrey as provost, Baylor’s interim president Bill Underwood called a pep rally of all Baylor faculty and staff on Thursday (see the story below). There he remarked: “Baylor University can be the most exciting university to study at, to teach at, to conduct research Read More…


Take a cruise with Dan Dennett, Susan Blackmore, Paul Kurtz, etc.

The Center for Inquiry, a leading skeptic society, is putting together a “dream cruise” December 10-17, 2005. Imagine with me putting a dozen extremely bright, ID-enthusiastic, street-witnessing Jesus-freak undergrads on this boat and letting them pass out tracts, ask tough questions during lectures, and engage in assorted mayhem. Ah, if only I had millions…. I Read More…