Truth at Baylor

After cleaning house on Wednesday of this week by firing David Jeffrey as provost, Baylor’s interim president Bill Underwood called a pep rally of all Baylor faculty and staff on Thursday (see the story below). There he remarked: “Baylor University can be the most exciting university to study at, to teach at, to conduct research Read More…


Take a cruise with Dan Dennett, Susan Blackmore, Paul Kurtz, etc.

The Center for Inquiry, a leading skeptic society, is putting together a “dream cruise” December 10-17, 2005. Imagine with me putting a dozen extremely bright, ID-enthusiastic, street-witnessing Jesus-freak undergrads on this boat and letting them pass out tracts, ask tough questions during lectures, and engage in assorted mayhem. Ah, if only I had millions…. I Read More…

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ID and the Charge of Fundamentalism

Baylor’s eclectic approach to gathering faith-and-learning resources meant they sometimes failed to screen out the culturally militant elements of evangelicalism. In a head-shaking blunder, Sloan’s team put William Dembski—point man for the Intelligent Design movement—in charge of a new science-and-religion center. It’s hard to imagine any step that would have been more effective in convincing skeptical faculty that Sloan was turning Baylor over to the fundamentalists.

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Powers of Ten

Have a look at the video at the following site: Is there any design-theoretic significance that on a logarithmic size-scale, we’re close to the middle of the known physical universe? Regardless of the answer to this question or whether there even is an answer, you’re in for a treat if you haven’t seen such Read More…

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Ruse, Wells, and Morris (John) on CNN with Lou Dobbs, May 12, 2005

DOBBS: New York, Kansas, and several other states are considering controversial proposals that would change the way our children learn about the creation of human beings, the earth and our universe. A relatively new theory, called intelligent design, suggests that Darwin’s theory of evolution can’t explain the existence of every life form on earth. Those Read More…