'Junk DNA'

Christian Darwinists talk around the slam-dunk “junk” DNA – Casy Luskin dissects

Whatever your theology, notice the significance of the fact that self-identified Christians were shown to be wrong because they made a prediction against God’s design in nature. It’s one thing to be wrong. It’s another to be wrong for discreditable reasons. Here at Evolution News & Views (June 1, 2011), Casey Luskin reviews Giberson and […]

'Junk DNA' Intelligent Design

At least Forbes.com’s John Farrell, while trashing Jonathan Wells’ “junk DNA” book, doesn’t threaten to actually read it.

He sniffs that he might, in the end, review it, as time permits. One hopes he’ll read it first. Some readers of reviews like that sort of thing, and there is simply no accounting for tastes. PZ Myers, however, has threatened to read the book. Farrell (“Jonathan Wells’s “The Myth … of the Myth of […]

'Junk DNA' Darwinism

Darwinist response to Wells’ junk DNA book: PZ Myers threatens to read it

As David Klinghoffer puts it at ENV: Over the weekend, Jonathan Wells’s The Myth of Junk DNA broke into the top five on Amazon’s list of books dealing with genetics — a list normally dominated at its pinnacle by various editions of Richard Dawkins’ The Selfish Gene. Not bad, Jonathan.The juxtaposition with Dawkins’ Selfish Gene […]

'Junk DNA'

The ballad of junk DNA

An unknown poet’s riff on “junk DNA”, arrived by post at the top secret UD bunker in an undisclosed, unimaginable location: (Would go well to tune of “Way Up on Old Smoky” – here. Try it! ) On top of our genome All covered with cash, I see BioLogos And they’re talkin’ trash.

'Junk DNA' Darwinism

While we wait for Jonathan Wells’ “junk DNA” book … the Darwin show’s all-star cast has tackled the subject fearlessly

Donald Johnson, a scientist who checked out of Darwinism, had a look at the junk DNA file in Probability’s Nature and Nature’s Probability LITE: A Call to Scientific Integrity (2009), p. 56: Dawkins popularized the idea that any DNA not actively trying to get to the next generation would slowly decay away through mutation and […]

'Junk DNA' Medicine

Free download of Johns Hopkins medic’s book on “jumping genes”

Mobile DNA, Finding Treasure in Junk, by Haig H. Kazazian is available free for download at Barnes and Noble: In Mobile DNA, leading geneticist Haig Kazazian thoroughly reviews our current understanding of the substantial role mobile genetic elements play in genome and organism evolution and function. He offers an accessible intellectual history of mobile DNA, […]

'Junk DNA'

Jonathan Wells on his book, The Myth of Junk DNA – yes, it is a Darwinist myth and he nails it as such

  Jonathan Wells will publish The Myth of Junk DNA early in May, and offers answers to some questions posed by Denyse O’Leary: So, for those who dropped science after Grade Ten, what is junk/non-coding DNA? “Non-coding” in this context means “non-protein-coding.” An important function of our DNA is to specific the sequences of      subunits […]

'Junk DNA' Darwinism

Hello, World: Toronto’s evolution stalwart and textbook writer Larry Moran is NOT a Darwinist

Here, University of Toronto’s Larry Moran, blogger at Sandwalk (named after Darwin’s garden path) and famed (okay, okay, reputable) textbook author, commented at UncommonDescent on this story about Jonathan Wells’ new book on the junk DNA myth, complaining, Denyse, you’ve promised in the past to stop using the term “Darwinism” to refer to all of […]

'Junk DNA' Books of interest

New book: Junk DNA junked … in favour of what?

Jonathan Wells’ book, The Myth of Junk DNA (Discovery, 2011), is now being advertised at Amazon: According to the modern version of Darwin’s theory, DNA contains a program for embryo development that is passed down from generation to generation; the program is implemented by proteins encoded by the DNA, and accidental DNA mutations introduce changes […]