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Shedding light on water’s weird qualities

drop of water/José Manuel Suárez (CC)

You heard that the Sun is “stranger than astrophysicists imagined.” Swell, water is weird too. Researchers in Japan tried to find out why water behaves in the (life-friendly) way it does:

The researchers, with the benefit of supercomputers, were able to tweak and untune a computational model of water, making it behave like other liquids. “With this procedure,” Russo said, “we have found that what makes water behave anomalously is the presence of a particular arrangement of the water’s molecules, such as the tetrahedral arrangement, where a water molecule is hydrogen-bonded to four molecules located on the vertices of a tetrahedron,” a shape of four triangular planes. “Four of such tetrahedral arrangements can organize themselves in such a way that they share a common water molecule at the center without overlapping,” Russo said. As a result, when water freezes, it creates an open structure, mostly empty space and less dense than the disordered structure of liquid water, which is why water props ice up. Both highly ordered and disordered tetrahedral arrangements give water its “peculiar properties.” The paper’s title spells this out: “Water-like anomalies as a function of tetrahedrality.”Brian Gallagher, “Why Water Is Weird” at Nautilus

Paper. (open access)

Nautilus pursues the matter further with chemist Richard Saykally.

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At Quanta: Sun “stranger than astrophysicists imagined” Naturally, they’re hoping for some new physics to come out of these surprises. Just think, if new physics comes out of this, it will be real physics too, not rubbish about the multiverse or how we are all living in some space alien’s giant sim world.

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The important thing is not HOW water is less dense when solid than liquid, but that it IS less dense when solid. This means, in a BRILLIANT bit of Design Work, that frozen water FLOATS on the tops of lakes and oceans. And so during the several occurrences of Snowball Earth, the ocean BOTTOMS were never covered with deadly frozen ice. And so when things began to warm up again, the oceans and lakes melted from the bottom up without killing off all of the life in the oceans (and lakes). Ya gotta stand in awe at the Design Team that came up with the production version of Water. Why, it's practically... Magic. vmahuna

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