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Some DID rejoice that process theologian Karl Giberson is sidelined for now …

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Karl Giberson

Interesting timing if you consider the recent, controversial “simian Adam and Eve” article in Christianity Today (June 2011),which featured him: In the same quarter, process theologian Karl Giberson left from the Christian Darwinist think tank BioLogos and resigned from his teaching position at Eastern Nazarene (Boston). Neither move appears to have been announced. BioLogos issued a statement May 16, but this was some time after Darwinist blogger Jerry Coyne had noted Giberson’s disappearance from BioLogos (May 3, 2011).

Rumours certainly swirled, with Coyne suggesting “big trouble at BioLogos,” and wishing “good riddance to their science-polluting ways!” Another rumour drafted Uncommon Descent into the “despicable” role of wicked glee, for which there was no shred of evidence. Indeed, we’d always thought that Jerry’s “Uncle Karl” was better for us than for BioLogos …  after all, Southern Baptist point man Al Mohler had weeks earlier accused Giberson of “throwing the Bible under the bus.”

Giberson confirmed for us independently (June 4 2011) that, while writing books, he is looking for another position. Digging a bit, we also find that there has been some ferment in Giberson’s religious denomination, around the usual issues of the Word of God vs. the word of mod, and around him specifically. Some people are rejoicing at his departure:

Although I wish him well in his future endeavors, I am honestly happy that he will no longer be teaching his unbiblical theistic evolution and open theism ideas to more young students. Please pray that ENC will seek to hire professors who uphold the biblical view of creationism, who reject open theism, and who hold to the full authority and infallibility of God’s word. – Reformed Nazarene

Apparently, there has been a conflict for some time between the denomination and the “emergent” (open, process) theology of some pastors and academics, as the site’s news stories attest. This from EricBarger’s Reformed Nazarene article on an anchor chapter Giberson contributed to a book published by the denominational house gives some sense of the thing by April 2010:

Giberson’s chapter in 180 recounts a sad story simliar to that of liberal theologian, Marcus J. Borg. He retells how his experience in Bible college led him away from his previously held position of certainty that the Bible was true and gave him in return a profound intellectual uncertainty for the Word of God. Portraying textbook-like postmodernity, Giberson’s contribution to 180 amounts to little more than a clear cut, egregious denial of the Bible. He claims to have made this change based on a series of events and teachings he received in college, including an old and baseless charge that assorted prophecies found in Scripture were actually fraudulent. I don’t care how intellectual he may be or how many degrees he has, or how many doting peers he may have showering him with awards and prestige.The question needs to be asked: What is this guy doing teaching in an allegedly evangelical school?

Another question:  Given the process that began in Bible college, why did he think it would work? Thoughts?

Process/Open theology: “) God and creatures enjoy mutually-influencing relations, 2) the future is open and God does not fully know or settle it, and 3) love is uniquely exemplified by God and is the human ethical imperative.”

I believe the picture of the fellow playing the guitar is a picture of Francis Collins, not Giberson. (I have seen Collins doing this.) CM Watson
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"He retells how his experience in Bible college led him away from his previously held position of certainty that the Bible was true and gave him in return a profound intellectual uncertainty for the Word of God." Wait, what? You attend a school that supposedly teaches you the Bible but you graduate doubting its truthfulness? That's really sad. Barb
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