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From The Best Schools: Lawrence Krauss, Illusionist




Here, James Barham writes,

As a wise man once observed: “Scientists animated by the purpose of proving that they are purposeless constitute an interesting subject for study.”(1)

Lawrence Krauss is the latest in a long line of such scientists.

Krauss is professor of physics at Arizona State University, and he has been getting a lot of mileage recently out of his book entitled A Universe from Nothing (Free Press, 2012).

Not content to embarrass himself by claiming that science has solved the age-old riddle of why there is something rather than nothing, when all he’s really done is change the subject, in a new essay in The Los Angeles Times entitled “A Universe without Purpose” Krauss makes himself even more ridiculous by volunteering as poster boy for Whitehead’s adage.

He begins by claiming that:

The illusion of purpose and design is perhaps the most pervasive illusion about nature that science has to confront on a daily basis.

Here, I find myself confronted by the illusion that Krauss aims to say something in the article he has written.



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