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Coppedge is allowed to show a DVD at the wrongful dismissal trial


In “Judge rejects religion expert for ex-JPL worker’s lawsuit trial” (Los Angeles Times, March 13, 2012), we learn,

In Los Angeles County Superior Court on Monday, Coppedge’s attorney, William Becker, had asked in pretrial motions to call an expert witness on intelligent design and whether it constitutes religious dogma.

Becker argued that while a former JPL colleague complained that Coppedge harassed her by giving her the DVDs, the discs do not contain any religious dogma — evidence that Coppedge was a victim of discrimination because “they had already assumed or prejudged what their contents were.”

“The only way this court is going to understand if he was rightly accused of something, religious harassment … is to look at the DVD,” Becker said.

The judge has allowed one. We wonder which one he’ll choose? The Privileged Planet seems logical:

Guillermo Gonzalez , an astronomer who also got railroaded, appears in PP. God, as it happens, doesn’t. Anyway, there was a big uproar in 2005 when the vid was shown at the Smithsonian.

Here’s Coppedge on Fox News.

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Do the JPL Supervisors Who Demoted Coppedge Know Who Appears in The Privileged Planet? Joe
Cool. That should be interesting. I'm surprised that person hasnt been fired yet by JPL. It might not look good for themm having an employee appearing in that documentary. I guess it comes down to who the Judge finds more credible. tjguy
"The Priveleged Planet" has at least one employee of the JPL in it. Joe

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