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Academics who believe things that are simply and demonstrably false—and are believed in turn


In the most recent Salvo, Louis Markos offers us insights into “Three Things Only a PhD Can Believe.” Laugh or choke over your coffee:

… academic groupthink leads PhDs to defend issues that are indefensible and to give their allegiance to causes that are immoral or unethical. At other times, it leads them to believe things that are simply and demonstrably false—things that violate objective observation, common sense, and the collective experience of mankind. Indeed, colleges and universities across Europe and America brazenly teach their students three things that are so patently absurd that only a PhD could believe them.

And it is very difficult to get contrary evidence across safely.

Major academics do not seem to need to follow the standards of critical thinking that govern the behaviour of people who could lose their jobs, their businesses, or their lives or families, so no surprise in such an environment that biology is dominated by Darwinism.

The same edition of features an interview with Wesley J. Smith (“You Beast!”), one of the people who was slammed for letting the public know about the normalization of infanticide.

For more from the current issue, go here.

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