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Government control of the Internet?

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What it means, from people who fight the battle against it: Here.

You mean it's ok for non-citizens only? I hope not. Down here the secularists are worried about religious "dominionists." Up there the secular "dominionists" are worried about in particular, religious linkage. I think I found a link of another kind. It's a fanaticism, and it ain't religious, and it ain't a future event; it's here in the midst of our ideological ignorance. It used to be that certain trends in the US eventually spilled over into Canada. Now what's happening is the trends are being set in Canada. If the secularists down here don't want Christian influences, I guess they'll settle for something much worse. CannuckianYankee
Thanks KF, it looks like it worked itself out. material.infantacy
It is legal for anyone not a citizen to complain against a bureaucrat in Canada, and a great many of them need their buns roasted good. O'Leary
MI: You cross posted. I will link. kairosfocus
For the Google-challenged: Fair Comment kairosfocus
News: Not good! That LINKING could now become the latest thought-crime. I shudder to think about sites that promote that book about that "bronze age monster" as the New Atheists now love to misportray our Lord in one of their favourite toxic talking points -- and Mr Censor, that is under the doctrine of fair comment. But of course no-one will be hitting on those slanderers for stirring up hate . . . GEM of TKI kairosfocus
The True North Strong-armed by Bureaucrats. :( CannuckianYankee
Please. Complain. If you have nothing to lose. Especially. The True North Strong and Free deserves better than its recent governments. Also, it WAS on the verge of resolving the issues, but ONLY because of the valiant efforts of citizen activists. That's all that counts. News
Here we go again. I thought Canada was on the verge of resolving the thought police issue. I think the rational thing to do is for everyone to link to the Canada.gc.ca website and have somebody complain. I'm sure there's something on there that could be complained about or taken offense to. CannuckianYankee

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