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ID on South Park?


South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone–two guys who are not exactly known for refraining from pushing buttons–have made an episode of the show which addresses the topic of opposition to evolution in public schools. It airs tomorrow night at 10:00 EST (9:00 PST) on Comedy Central. Go here for a synopsis and a teaser clip.

PZ Myers has responded to the South Park episode by calling Ted Hagard a sodomite. That really makes sense. Jehu
Telicthoughts has the video posted. The moral of the episode seems to be that athiesm is a religion. People in the future are athiest and fight wars in the name of "science." Evolution is presented as fact that only the bizarre and irrational transexual Mrs. Garrison does not believe. Mrs. Garrison is eventually converted to atheism by the flying spaghetti monster argument, which has the result of making both the flying spaghetti monster argument and athiesm look bad. Mrs. Garrison and Richard Dawkins are crudely depicted having sex and it is nauseating. Jehu
Ha! Good one. I love how Ms. Garrison explains evolution. Pretty much sums it up. mentok
There'll be a twist in part 2. Dawkins won't turn out to be the bright and shining beacon of enlightenment that he appears to be. You wait and see. (I love South Park!) :) crandaddy
I don't know this is going to turn out but Dawkins is the loser. tribune7
Oh boy. tribune7
Mentok -- that does make a difference. I guess we might get hammered after all. We'll know in a couple of hours. tribune7
tribune7 you got it a bit wrong on the south park quote. The quote was from Kyle telling the conspiracy theorist that just because the official 9-11 report had many holes in it that that doesn't mean it is wrong. He compared that with the theory of evolution. Here is the dialogue. 911truth Man: [sits at his computer and starts typing away] Look into the evidence of 9/11 and you'll see there are a lot of holes in their story. Kyle: There's a lot of holes in the Theory of Evolution too; it doesn't mean it's wrong. mentok
Given the cynical bent of South Park and the way religion is treated, I would expect the teacher to be a YEC not an IDer. The only question is whether they make fun of Darwinism as well. Trey Parker and Matt Stone might qualify as accidental moralists. Jehu
"Off topic: Conservative commentator and ID detractor, John Derbyshire describes how his relatively recent acquaintance with several scientists contributed to his loss of Christian faith." It was funny reading how he admitted a mild anti-Catholic prejudice that was, in some inscrutable English sense, a remnant of the 17th century (not unlike other prejudices?). Judging from the Q&A I might conjecture that for him to ever doubt the kind of standard evolutionary theory he reads in newsletters would be to force him to re-evaluate certain parts of his life that he would rather not think about (esp. as he gets older). Perhaps it's just me, I'll never understand how someone can write off the vast complexity and diversity of biology to algorithmic processes. To even entertain the idea that our world is an arbitrary, but exceptional, instantiation of physical law reflects to me a certain amount of brainwashing (whether self-inflicted or not). There's no reason to believe that our minds just happen to be able to understand (and in principle) measure everything. What can be more arbitrary than that? Skeptical_Dualist
Off topic: Conservative commentator and ID detractor, John Derbyshire describes how his relatively recent acquaintance with several scientists contributed to his loss of Christian faith. http://article.nationalreview.com/?q=ZDBmYzcyZTgzNzNkYWM0MzY3YjE1ZThhZGJiMDRiZWE= russ
hahaha knowing Trey Parker and Matt Stone "Ms." Garrison will be the only IDer on the show. Maybe, just maybe, they will see the intuitive side of ID and maybe the ridiculous veracity of Darwinist to insist only evolution... FAT CHANCE, i kno i kno jpark320
In the episode concerning the 9/11 conspiracy one of the characters said something like the 9/11 conspiracy theory had as many holes as the theory of evolution and everyone knows that's true. Is Kyle a closet IDer? Is Stan? tribune7

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