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Darwin Day: Church and state issues?


Darwin Day in America Apparently, the folks at Darwin Day are getting U.S. politicians to declare Darwin Day in their jurisdictions:

“Humanists Around the World Celebrate Darwin Day to Promote Science and Evolution

Since 2011, the American Humanist Association has worked closely with members of Congress to introduce the Darwin Day resolution. Introduced on December 3, 2015, by Rep. Jim Himes (CT-04) with 20 co-sponsors and counting, U.S. House Resolution 548 would officially recognize February 12, 2016, as a national celebration of Charles Darwin, the theory of evolution and the advances of scientists around the globe. The Secular Coalition for America, of which the AHA is a member organization, worked with Senator Richard Blumenthal (CT) in the U.S. Senate to introduce a companion Darwin Day resolution, U.S. Senate Resolution 337. With all of the Republican presidential candidates failing to publicly acknowledge the theory of evolution, the Darwin Day resolution demonstrates vital support by Congress for science and the teaching of evolution in public schools.

“Support for settled scientific fact such as climate change and the theory of evolution should be uncontroversial,” Speckhardt continued. “We need members of Congress who will stand up for science and the education of our country’s future doctors, engineers and technological entrepreneurs.”

In addition to the national Darwin Day resolution, state Senator Andrew Sherwood (AZ-26) introduced Arizona Senate Resolution 1001, which if passed would recognize February 12, 2016, as Darwin Day in Arizona. Governor Jack Markell has signed a Darwin Day proclamation in Delaware officially recognizing February 12, 2016, as Darwin Day, as has the Linn County Board of Supervisors in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Humanist groups across the country will also be commemorating the day with events, including: Sunday Assembly of Silicon Valley’s lecture by NASA astrobiologist and former American Humanist Association awardee Dr. Lynn Rothschild in San Jose, California, on February 14; the Myrtle Beach Humanists and Freethinker’s showing of the documentary Questioning Darwin on February 13 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; the Secular Humanist Society of New York’s performance of Darwin, Wallace and Other Voices in my Head on February 12 in New York City, New York; and the End of the Line Humanists’ Darwin birthday bash in Oak Park, Illinois, on February 11. A full list of festivities is available here.

The American Humanist Association is also supporting efforts by Philadelphia-area sculptor Zenos Frudakis to create and display a sculpture of Clarence Darrow at the Rhea County Courthouse in Dayton, Tennessee, opposite an already standing sculpture of William Jennings Bryan. Darrow famously represented teacher John Scopes who was put on trial in 1925 for unlawfully teaching evolution. More.

Does this not raise some church and state issues? These people are clearly lobbying government to accept the tenets of a  non-theistic religion.

Added: Einstein’s theory was just vindicated, we think, but no Einstein Day. Darwinism is coming up for big rethink this fall — but the Humanist church seems to have lawmakers on speed dial for Darwin Day. Who pays taxes for this? To whom does it make sense?

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Royal Society’s fall evolution rethink meet is progress in science (not in religion, as above)

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If so atheist why are they all Jews? Hmmm. What is a astrobiologist? Is biology going on space ? Does Nasa know something we don't know? Anyways. Why not God created everything day?? Isn't Darwin day, pushed by these groups hinting at religion is not true? Isn't this THEN the state saying religion ain't true? isn't this illegal? NO ! They say God/Genesis is not true by way of censoring it as options in subjects dedicated to what is true in origin subjects by the subject called science which is to figure out what is true better then others. Good points for creationists here. so I like darwin day. It raises issues. Less offensive then MLK day for Americans and Canadians. Happy Chuck D day everyone. I'm more happy! In fifteen years there won't this day. If the charts are right about learning curves. Robert Byers

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