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Darwin’s friends go after natural genetic engineering guy

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Further to Fun from Facebook: Fake ID pages (People would not engage in these antics if they thought they could compete in an open forum.)

Here is his actual profile: Timothy Kershner

Here is what they put up:

Timothy Kershner updated his cover photo.
5 mins
Timothy Kershner's photo.

34 mins

there is nothing wrong with being gay and Christian.

It may of course disappear. Another will go up in its place. Like I said, be grateful if they do not yet have the ear of the regime or it would not be just misdirection and misrepresentation. – O’Leary for News

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BA77, do you think there are no gay christian ID proponents? sparc
JoeCoder -- the two articles are more or less on a personal level involving facebook communities, so If you are not part of the communities mentioned, you probably wouldn't completely follow the saga. Basically, there are several legitimate Pro-ID groups and the last article was about a well-known troll who engages in constructing "Fraud" groups with the same look and name to trick people into thinking it's the original group. The fraud boards generally mock ID Theory and boot anyone who attempts to defend ID. Article above is about a single admin (myself) who runs a legitimate group who was attacked --- and they made "copy/ cat" profiles of to misrepresent my work in the facebook community. Paleysghost
I read this article three times, I clicked all the links, and I still have no idea what it's about. I also read the article about fake ID pages earlier today, which still doesn't help me get it. 1. Who is Timothy Kershner? A quick google search doesn't tell me anything. 2. What does any of this have to do with Natural Genetic Engineering? 3. I thought James Shapiro was the Natural Genetic Engineering Guy? I've been following the ID movement daily for a few years now, including this site. I like to think I have a decent understanding of evolution, the design inference, specified complexity, and the like. But the articles here are becoming more and more cryptic. JoeCoder
I guess it is a compliment in one way for you guys. You guys ruffle enough feathers to get attacked. Timothy is particularity skillful in exposing Darwinian nonsense, so I guess this is the only way they can get back at him since they can't beat him in debating one on one. bornagain77
I mostly work in the blogosphere, so - well, if you want bloggo publicity, here it is. News
Thanks, Denyse. It's helpful to be informing people of what has been going on. You are new to the facebook scene, but we've been dealing with the above nonsense for a year. We have been flagging FAKE Behe's (et al) on a daily basis. Paleysghost

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