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ID-friendly US prez hopeful Rick Perry has announced his bid, blow for also pro-ID Bachmann?

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Here. Here’s beloved commentator Chris Matthews on the threat Rick Perry poses to science. Question: If Perry cops is party’s nomination, will Obama choose to feature a Darwin love-in, in his re-election bid?

Just in: But Bachmann won the straw poll.

From the Los Angeles Times on his chances:

Because of Perry’s appeal to “tea party” voters, the Texas governor could immediately stunt the surge in support for Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, who reshuffled her travel plans so she could stay in Iowa to go head to head with Perry on Sunday at the Lincoln Day Dinner in her birthplace of Waterloo.

But many political strategists believe the Republican contest could quickly evolve into a two-man race between Perry and Romney.

Discovery Institute’s view on Perry on ID.

News, I couldn't find on your OP any link regarding Chris Matthews on Rick Perry. Maybe I missed it? Here's what I found from HuffPost: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/08/13/chris-matthews-rick-perry_n_926193. "'He looks like a clown,' Matthews said. 'He dresses very fancy. There's something about the way that he puts himself together that doesn't look authentic. He looks like, I don't know, a wax figure pretending to be governor. There's something about him that doesn't add up to me. Maybe it's this Texas B.S., this boots and tuxedo thing they do down there. Why does it work? Outside of Texas it doesn't travel very well.'" - Chris Matthews. So for Matthews, the way a politician dresses is a factor on his/her qualifications? Am I getting this right? You're right Frost, Matthews is simply not qualified as a reporter on issues of fact rather than simply his opinion. I'm tended to equate him as the liberal version of O'Reilly, but even O'Reilly doesn't judge on dress, does he? CannuckianYankee
Oh and the fact that we have two popular candidates in the race that are pro ID is a GREAT sign! Thank you God for allowing some progress for us on this issue. And thanks to Dembski, Wells, Meyer, Berlinski and others who have fought hard to make adamant the intellectual substance of this issue. Frost122585
Chris Matthews is a terrible television pseudo-news personality. I just cant understand how his show has ever gone on airing this long. It proves that many people will just sit in front of the TV and watch anything put on it. Someone needs to tell Matthews that ID IS a scientific theory. This is just a fact regardless of how you feel about it. Anything in the physical universe can be either the result of guided intelligent processes or purely unguided material-naturalistic processes. Intelligent Design is the scientific theory of how we detect design when it is present. Period. The only responses we get from people like him is to say that many "scientists" disagree with this FACT of science. But the fact that there are a lot of scientists out there that are ignorant of science itself is not an argument or evidence against ID but is actually evidence that the schools are not doing their job with teaching the right curriculum! The other fallacy the anti-ID people point to is the Dover case which was a joke of a decision. In that case ID was hugely misrepresented and confused with creationism, and one judge, who was not educationally qualified and competent to even rule on the case, which was about a philosophy of science issue, weighed in with a predictably unintelligent, uninformed and wrong decision.... anyways. Matthews, and those like him, need to go get a scientific education themsevles and stop lecturing others on matters they are totally ignorant of. Both side should be taught. That is the truth. They need to suck it up and deal with it. The belligerence from people like him just disgusts me. I am not hateful towards these people at all, and I forgive them for this and their self imposed ignorance, but they are just one example of the major problems we have in this time. Frost122585
Interesting that Perry was a bit of a prankster in college, and I've read that he created certain loud noises to scare people who were using the toilet. I wonder if there's a metaphor in there somewhere. CannuckianYankee
Good thoughts all. UD News staff don't think it'll be a key issue either. But the views of the top gun often do matter, sometimes in unexpected ways. Why we follow, with popcorn. News
It is a blow for Bachmann because Perry has executive experience behind him as the currently longest standing state governor. Recent voters have tended to choose governors of states more often than any other leaders for the office of President, and in most cases presidents who have been governors tend to get re-elected (Reagan, Clinton, GW Bush). In fact if you look back say 40 years, the only presidents who have been re-elected have been former governors. Plus Perry has a science degree. Yeah, he got mostly Bs and Cs earning it, but he earned it none the less. If voters are going to make ID an issue, it would seem that Perry has the goods over Bachmann; but I doubt ID is even going to be a consideration. It may become a negative issue for some (Chris Matthews?), but I doubt if the electorate's going to elect someone simply because they support ID. I may be wrong, but ID doesn't seem to have yet reached the point of being one of those revolutionary issues that gets a person elected to the presidency. It may some day. The one thing that may cause voters to shy away from Perry is that he looks an awful lot like GW Bush; he's from Texas, is a Christian, attended the same church as Bush, is a popular Governor of Texas, supports some of the same issues as Bush, etc.., but that may end up being a good thing, since the Obama promise has not been fulfilled. I think at this point it's almost certain that Obama will be a one termer; and if the choice is between a popular governor of one of the largest states, and a failed incumbent ("it's the economy, stupid"), it's easy to guess what will be the outcome. CannuckianYankee

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