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NBC weighs in on Nye-Ham debate, actually quotes Steve Meyer


Further to: Bill Nye the science guy debates Ken Ham, the Genesis slam, this Tuesday live streaming free, NBC quotes Darwin’s Doubt author Steve Meyer is quoted in context:

Even among folks who insist there’s evidence that the universe was designed by some sort of intelligent being, such views [as Ham’s] don’t always sit well. Stephen Meyer, director of the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture and the author of “Darwin’s Doubt” sees pluses as well as minuses to Tuesday’s debate.

“It’s a plus because it generates interest in the topic,” Meyer told NBC News. “It’s a minus because it inhibits an understanding of the complexity of the issue.”

Darwin's Doubt Meyer worries that the debate over evolution will be portrayed as Darwinian materialism vs. biblical literalism — leaving out such ideas as theistic evolution, old-earth creationism and his own perspective, intelligent design. “It would be really terrific if the proponents of the mainstream Darwinian view of origins engaged some of the other critics of their theory, who see evidence of design in nature but are not biblical fundamentalists,” he said.

Well, that’ll never happen. Darwinian evolution explains very little and predicts absolutely nothing. It survives on court orders to teach it in schools, censorship of other views by campus nobodies, and the support by legacy media like the NBC science desk of Darwin’s has-beens.

Oh, by the way, re Darwin’s Doubt:

Not that it matters or anything.

For iD folks it is that this debate brings a general greater interest in these subjects. surely iD debaters can soon find a audience also. A rising tide lifts all ships. Its good for everyone that seeks to persuade audiences normally denied easy access to these contentions. NBC noting it might bring bigger ratings then the superbowl. Just kidding Robert Byers

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