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Uncommon Descent Contest: Give Darwinist Jerry Coyne’s atheist crusade/jihad a name

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(This contest is now closed for judging. Thanks to all participants.) Judged here.

Crusade/jihad? No, it doesn’t properly  describe this antic in a science journal (see also this). In the best tradition of our contest to come up with a term for a reviewer who does not read the book he is trashing (which resulted in noviewer as the winning entry), we now invite contest mavens to address the following problem:

From The Best Schools: “Jerry Coyne, Holy Warrior,” here.

Jerry Coyne has declared a holy war on theistic religions, in the name of his own atheistic religion, Darwinism.

We lack a word in English for the sort of campaign Coyne and his New Atheist friends are conducting against Christianity. Technically speaking, “crusades” are conducted under the sign of the cross, and “jihads” are conducted in the name of Allah.

What do you call a holy war conducted under the sign of the fish with little feet? Darwinade? Ichthypodihad?

Let’s just say “holy war,” and leave it at that.” More.

Leave it at that? Mmm, maybe not. We need a new Coynage. What should we call Coyne’s battle for incivility toward – and distortion of facts about – traditional religion?

For example, we might have called the Cold War “frostilities” …

Contest judged next Saturday, April 28, 2012. Prize is a copy of Nature of Nature: Examining the Role of Naturalism in Science, the best book available for understanding what both sides say on the Darwin vs. design controversy, in their own words.

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-athon? "a suffix extracted from marathon, “an event, as a sale or contest, drawn out to unusual length, often until a prearranged goal, as the contribution of a certain amount of money, is reached”: walkathon; readathon" . and now................. "Nogodathon" God chaser
Great samurai warrior Jerry-san is preparing for war. Inspired, his young student composes haiku; Snow has melted Jerry-san sharpening sword Bird pooped (sorry if it’s inappropriate) Eugen
And I already have their camp-fire song: Poof, the Magic Mutant (to the tune "Puff the Magic Dragon") Poof the Magic Mutant, a-t-g-c And changed them just by randomness just to see what he could be. Little Richard Dawkins, loved that rascal Poof. And wrote him books to appease the kooks, oh what a silly goof! Oh Poof the Magic Mutant, a-t-g-c And changed them just by randomness just to see what he could be Poof the Magic Mutant, a-t-g-c And changed them just by randomness just to see what he could be Together they would mutate Poof into a beluga whale Richard kept a spectroscope trained on Poof’s mutating tail. Nobel things and atheists bowed whene’er they came Scientists would lower their flasks when Poof mutated a mane Oh Poof the Magic Mutant, a-t-g-c And changed them just by randomness just to see what he could be Poof the Magic Mutant, a-t-g-c And changed them just by randomness just to see what he could be Mutations can’t go on forever, just like little boys Antennaed wings and giant things doom nature’s mutant ploys One gray night it happened, natural selection said no more And Poof that Magic Mutant, mutated one last roar His head was bent in sorrow, his tears fell like rain Richard no longer went to write it gave him so much pain Without his life-long friend Dick could not be brave So Dick that evo-poofer sadly slipped in to his cave Oh Poof the Magic Mutant, a-t-g-c And changed them just by randomness just to see what he could be Poof the Magic Mutant, a-t-g-c And changed them just by randomness just to see what he could be (repeat chorus and fade...) Joe
I don't know about the name for the crusade but I have a song for the campaign: The "Why Evolution is True" Blues moshe averick
nogodjihad God chaser
Coynography julianbre
Opps: Darbanzai God chaser
Banzai Def A last, desperate military charge DarBanzia Def: A last, desperate scientific charge when there is no empirical evidence God chaser
The Clone Wars God chaser
the freeless thinkers the flipped Coynes the accidental chemicals Coynes without sense (cents) Operation: clueless Blue_Savannah
Brother Coyne's Traveling Salvation Show? CannuckianYankee
Coyneurysm- a localized, pathological, bloviation-filled oratory spewage caused by the extreme fear of the design inference. Can be contagious amongst the weak-minded. Joe
Darwinocide God chaser
Darvangelism: Def The spreading the message of the Gospel of Darwin God chaser
Coynation: Def A nation without religion God chaser
Jerrmination: Def The spreading of the idea of a nation without religion See also: Jerrynation God chaser
Coynocide: The deliberate and systematic destruction of religion! God chaser
Jerry's Jihad = Jerryhad Eugen
Neo -Coyneism (communism tried this already). Robert Byers
The mother of all the unholy battles felipe
The hard Darwinian movement is: "Supercoynadawkafragilisticexpidarwinogist" I think Mary Poppins would say that's "practically perfect in every way". StuartHarris
A few more for the list. Coynecidental Evolution Coyner miscoyne recoyne uncoyned julianbre
God Chaser: "Coynoscopy" Very good! and usually done while the subject is under complete general anesthesia. OmneVivumExVivo: Regarding my “Antidisdarwinestablishmentarianism”. This is of course based on the word, “antidisestablishmentarianism” which came from the Counter Reformation (I think) and means "being against those who are against the establishment of the Church of Rome". Given that Darwinism is now a religion that views itself as the High Church with ex cathedra statements from Coyne and Dawkins taken as fiats and diktats, I think that they think that the establishment of Darwinism is being dissed, and since they are opposed to such ideas and fight for their view, it should be ordered as: anti-dis-darwin-establishment-arianism. Well anyway, it's best to use a long word that will confuse their pea-brains. (To my Catholic and Protestant friends, please note that I'm not using a word from the Reformation and Counter Reformation to insult anybody!) StuartHarris
Coynoscopy The search for truth in all the wrong places.. God chaser
What should we call Coyne’s battle for incivility toward – and distortion of facts about – traditional religion?
Lest we forget: Jesus himself railed against traditional religion. otoh Jesus also said:
I also say to you that you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build My church; and the gates of Hades will not overpower it.
Has anyone tried Clad Coynage? http://www.coinsite.com/content/faq/CladCoinage.asp Mung
I'll add "Gnuhad" to the list. material.infantacy
"What do you call a holy war conducted under the sign of the fish with little feet?" Idiotic. Or, if you want to get a bit punny, you could go with "ichthypodic," based on the little "ichthypods" alluded to in the quote. @ StuartHarris: I feel that the word "Antidisdarwinestablishmentarianism" needs a bit of fine tuning. The way it is now, you've put "Darwin" between the "dis" and "establishment" of "disestablishment." The result, of course, is that the concept of "disestablishment" is no longer intact in the word. I would propose that the "Darwin" be moved from its current place between "dis" and "establishment" to a new locale between "anti" and "dis." The resulting word is "Antidarwindisestablishmentarianism." I find my new spelling of the word ineffective, because it appears to imply that someone is fighting for the disestablishment of Darwin. No one is doing that. What people are resisting is the false ideology that carries his name, Darwinism. So, the revision (as I would have it)would be "Antidarwinistdisestablishmentarianism." If anyone can find a reason as to why my revisions are unnecessary, or as to why further revisions need to be made, they are invited to do so. OmneVivumExVivo
Coyneism julianbre
I believe I've thought of the right word. Jerry Coyne is a dissectheist. I derive the word from Wordsworth's line, in his poem, "The Tables Turned": "We murder to dissect." The dissectheist, like the theist, concerns himself with religion, and is energized by it. But the dissectheist is energized, not by a living and felt presence of God in his life, but by God's absence; God's death or murder. Deconstructing theology and taking stabs at the body of religion are sources of pleasure for the dissectheist. Going a bit further with this, I detect three types of dissectheists: the libertarians (content to rely on persuasion alone to advance their cause); Gnu Dealers (supporters of government sponsored legal "dams" directing and taming the course of religion and conscience into secular grooves); and Lennonists or gnutopians (those who imagine and hope for a world with no religion at all). Of course, dissectheists like Jerry Coyne have their counterparts among theists. I would call them the dissectularists: those theists who spend a lot of their time focused on secularism and secularists (for the purposes of dissection and deconstruction). But that's another contest. The advantage of making "dissectheist" shorthand for atheists obsessed with religion is that the term is not really insulting, yet accurate. I can imagine that there are atheists who would accept the designation (though not originating with them). And it fills a gap: there are atheists (those who don't believe in gods); dissectheists (those who don't believe in gods, and see themselves as being at war with those who do); and faitheists (those who don't believe in gods, but are friendly and accommodating to religion and religious dialogue, as Albert Camus was). ---Santi Tafarella santitafarella
Coynetastrophe julianbre
Lots of very clever entries here. My favorites would have to be Spaghettihad and Bitchpocalypse. My own modest contributions: Suicide of Thought (HT: GKC) Blind Fury The Bright Way The Bright Wingers The Bright Brigade The Bigot Brigade The Gnu Religionists Most High Gnus The Gnu Brights Gnuclear Holocaust Hangman's Gnus That's Gnus to Me I Pwn Gnuuubs!!!11!!1 ...OK those are just getting awful now... material.infantacy
.. or Jerendipity, God chaser. Axel
and lastly Jerrycide def: the deliberate and systematic destruction of religion! God chaser
Neat, StuartHarris. It approaches the nub of the issue. Axel
or how about Jerry-rigging Def: To fix it to a working condition in a haphazard way God chaser
Jerrymandering: Def: Jerrymandering is a practice that attempts to establish a political advantage for a particular party or group by manipulating scientific boundaries to create partisan or incumbent-protected ideologies God chaser
Coelopants? Axel
Antidisdarwinestablishmentarianism (That will be the new longest word in the English language. I should get prize just for that.) StuartHarris
Call it what it is- pycho-babble Joe
I vote for Collin's "Spaghettihad" johnnyb
Jihad of the Coyne-o-nihilistas Tom Graffagnino
Not an entry...but a poem (just for fun..) Save us, Jerry, from the devils In the churches 'cross the land! Let 'em know that they're Verboten! With you, Jerry, we will stand! Hose 'em, gas 'em...Jerry, pass 'em Into ovens, through the fire! Ship 'em to the coliseum; Lift the gene pool, Jerry, higher! Jihad Jerry, round 'em up, man! Those Jehovah-genes must go! Cleanse the planet of the vermin... Achtung! Jere, we're with you, Bro'! Show 'em who's the fit among us.... Now you've got the masses stirred! Give us, Jerry, marching orders Come on, brother...Preach the Word! Rid the world of this dysfunction.... Make these bloodlines more pristine! Jerry, spread Thy Coyne-a-nea. Pass 'em through Thy Meat Machine! Tom Graffagnino
I like 'The Gnusades' above. Some suggestions from me: Whinemarch. The Great Tantrum. The Ten Year Hate. The Bitchpocalypse. nullasalus
pasta-makes-me-fatwa Starbuck
Addledades snelldl
Lemonades snelldl
It's the gnu atheists' very own Crusades, so... The Gnusades. Jammer
Unholy War John W Kelly
selectioneering superawesomegreat
You could probably make the case that Coyne and others are being the equivalent of racists, since under their view religious beliefs are simply evolutionary traits, like the color of one's skin or their body type. William J. Murray
Ad gnuseam Charles
I like Mr. Murray's. Other ideas: Coysade. Spaghettihad. Sciencide (like homicide). Collin
Theophobia. Coyne is obviously theophobe. William J. Murray
Nero Darwinist Inquisition by the Ayatollah of Atheism scordova
Nero Darwinist Inquisition scordova
Dar Wars. lpadron
I have good one,Wile E. Coyote. P.G.

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