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Weikart on how Darwinism helped fascist agendas


From Heather Zeiger at GoodReads, a review of Richard Weikart’s The Death of Humanity:

The second chapter considers man as an animal, which includes Darwin’s influence. Weikart does not demonize Darwin, but instead introduces the reader to several characters who used Darwin’s theory to justify their own agendas, including those that wanted to call people of other races “less evolved” and people with certain neurological and mental disabilities “atavistic.”

This leads into the third chapter which addresses how biological determinism contributes to dehumanization and our culture of death. Importantly, the characters in this chapter assume that man lacks free will and is really a product of his genes. In making this assumption, they again reduce man to chemistry. Out of this determinism come eugenic principles and justifications for infanticide and euthanasia. Taken to its logical extreme, biological determinism led to the fascist government of Nazi Germany.

Chapter 4 is the other side of the coin of biological determinism. Weikart points out that the only options in a materialist worldview in which man lacks free will is that man is either a product of his genes or of his environment. In this chapter we see the logical consequences of environmental determinism that led to the communist governments of Stalin and Pol Pot. More.

Contrary to edu-blather, there is very little difference between communism and fascism, in that neither believe in the dignity of the human person. Which of them rampages at any given time – or some other system with the same basic agenda – is a tossup.

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murder is murder. so the motive behind the motive to murder is irrelevant. It is the historic and present design to take human beings dignity from them. The liberal establishment turns does make people not important but only items of society or identities. They don't do it to hurt people but it hurts people. tHats why they oppose punishment for crime, not just capital. they want instead the criminal to change and society move on. I don't agree Hitlers Germany was the result of evolutionism. Only that the educated classes agreed in selection to make better mankind. Yet not killing people. That was all secret and decided in small circles. i'm sure 95% would of opposed any killing of people for any reason. Dehumanizing mankind is historic and common and I doubt evolutionism made it any worse. Just a wee bit in the educated classes to have another reason to dismiss everyone else. Robert Byers
Well said, Jimmontg. The politics is simply window dressing and theater while people suffer and die. And the wealthy and powerful perpetrators of this agenda won't take any responsibility, of course. This is the face of evil. -Q Querius
I read a book a long time ago, so long I can't remember who wrote it or it's title. The author said'"There isn't any difference between Stalin or Hitler. They are simply the two sides of one coin." It is a simple fact that with the attack by Attorney Generals of several states and territories on "climate change deniers" that the Left has officially come out on the side of Fascism. I wrote about it today on a Huffington Post blog about AGW and the scare tactics they use. I spent my teen aged years on Balboa Island Ca. which happens to be 3 feet below sea level. Means High tide btw, and have friends who still live there. The ocean hasn't topped the top of the seawall that surrounds the Island and I remember back in the 60s it coming to within 6 inches of the top during extreme high tides. That was 1967 and Al Gore has a house by the beach. The actions of the elites of the new fascists. They are no different than the communists they used to admire. I am sure that folks here have noticed that the same people who said we had nothing to fear from the Soviet Union are the same ones claiming that Islam is a religion of peace. I became a Libertarian the day after 9/11 when Bush said those exact words. There isn't any difference between the two parties. Vote for the conservatives and they send your job oversea and vote for the Democrat and he taxes your job away and still votes for "Free Trade". A society that votes gets the government it deserves and the more lawless, then the increase in laws. As if that will fix what has happened. Anarchy or totalitarianism are the future I see for the USA. I believe in many inner cities anarchy has the upper hand. On top of that we have a president who kills American citizens in foreign lands with no redress or due process preceding. It isn't that it is happening as I'm sure it has happened before, but it is how openly it occurs and the Media hardly says anything. jimmontg

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