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Why Darwinism must rule by thuggery

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A friend of Uncommon Descent was asked recently, is there any proposition in Darwinism so obviously stupid and false that a Darwinist would not defend it? The far-sighted mares, for example? He responded,

… Assuming a Darwinist tries to be self-consistent: why should we believe anything a Darwinist tells us?

Since the Darwinist has simply evolved so that the genes and molecular chemistry cause certain sounds to erupt from the Darwinian mouth, and since if we also have likewise evolved due to random mutations in our past, then any reaction from us is similarly caused by our evolutionary heritage and nothing else. We will simply reject or accept the Darwinian babblings in the way the genes/chemistry/physics require us to do. So any attempt at communication is futile and ultimately doesn’t matter in the least. In fact, nothing would ever really matter at all.

So, again, the question: if Darwinian evolution is true, what on earth (sorry, but in this context you can’t ask “what in heaven?”) gives you, or any person, any reliable method of validating this alleged truth? And what would ever allow anyone to test or prove that conviction, since any and all reactions are simply mechanical?

If in fact we evolved, anything a Darwinist says is nothing more than babbling. It has no connection to free will or any truth or reality. And if we evolved, nobody can disprove what I just stated!

Darwin himself made that point, didn’t like it, but believed it anyway because he knew it followed automatically and inescapably from his theory. His honest followers have always known it too.

But it doesn’t matter as much as UD’s friend thinks. Once Darwinism is true, nothing else is. The Darwinist is on top and stays there.  And the very nature of his creed entitles him to rule by thuggery – and the well-known behaviour of the official Darwin lobby attests that they are well aware of the fact and happy with it.

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    Blue_Savannah says:

    Isn’t that a kick in the ol’ head for darwinists? EXCELLENT commentary!

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