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Biologos to offer Summer Courses


I would like to encourage ID supporters that can attend a conference in Boston’s North Shore this summer to attend the following conference being offered by Biologos:

BioLogos-Gordon College Conference 2010: “A Dialog on Creation”

The BioLogos Foundation will offer summer courses in science-and-religion starting in the summer of 2010. These courses provide short 1–3 week overviews of the key ideas in developing a sophisticated and mature understanding of life’s origins in an explicitly Christian context. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with leaders in the field of science-and-religion who will lead discussions of these core concepts.

The BioLogos-Gordon workshop provides a unique opportunity to explore questions at the intersection of science & faith. In this inaugural BioLogos workshop, held on the beautiful campus of Gordon College on Boston’s historic North Shore, participants will explore the compatibility of evolution and Christianity. Thee three-day program will be led by the senior staff of the BioLogos Foundation — Peter Enns, Darrel Falk and Karl Giberson.

ID supporters in that area that might be interested in attending this event, I would encourage you to do so.

Well I hope Darrel Falk takes time to carefully consider the evidence Dr. Sternberg has presented in this new post on ENV and to begin to "think outside the BioLogos box": Beginning to Decipher the SINE Signal http://www.evolutionnews.org/2010/03/beginning_to_decipher_the_sine.html#more bornagain77
Actually Darrel Falk is a darwinist. He pretends to be a theist, but his main occupation is criticising Signature in the Cell and other ID views. No wonder I have been banned at Biologos after criticising their neodarwinian policy. You may write there whatever nonsense you like as long as you adore Darwinism. I am afraid the whole conference would be a darwinian propaganda wrapped in sweet sentences like "Dear bretherns and sisters evolution is a fact and natural selection did it." http://cadra.wordpress.com/ VMartin
Though I surely like the deeper meaning behind the BioLogos name, I'm not quite sure how friendly one on the speakers, Darrel Falk, really is to the ID position, especially since Dr. Richard Sternberg is, at this present moment, currently engaged in dismantling one of Falk's outdated views on the functionality of Junk DNA: Discovering Signs in the Genome by Thinking Outside the BioLogos Box - Sternberg http://www.evolutionnews.org/2010/03/signs_in_the_genome_part_2.html bornagain77

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